I want to know how does a psychic or a medium read our thoughts is by human energy like aura or what?





someone explain to me


  1. Theres no such thing as mind readers…
    Dont get “mind readers” or Psychics confused with those that are involved with the occult
    People can become possessed or in touch with demons through satanic rituals and say some chilling things. such as predict the future among other things
    Though the everyday “psychic” that we see today is just someone whos a phony trying to make a buck

  2. In the Bible, there were demons who could help persons foretell the future, heal, and peform other feats.
    ?Many will say to me in that day: ?Master, Master, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?? And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew you at all. Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness.? (Matt. 7:22, 23) These words should give grounds for serious doubt about so-called faith healers and should cause the honest seeker of health to weigh his own personal interest in such claims against the truth of God?s Word before he becomes entangled in this ?desire of the flesh.?
    contrary to the general practice among ?healers? today, Christians were admonished to take no money for the exercise of their miraculous gifts. Jesus told his disciples as he sent them out: ?Cure sick people, raise up dead persons, make lepers clean, expel demons. You received free, give free.??Matt. 10:8. See also the account at 2 Kings 5:15-27.
    Also note Acts 16:16&18-19 16 And it happened that as we were going to the place of prayer, a certain servant girl with a spirit, a demon of divination, met us. She used to furnish her masters with much gain by practicing the art of prediction. ? 18 This she kept doing for many days. Finally Paul got tired of it and turned and said to the spirit: ?I order you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.? And it came out that very hour.
    19 Well, when her masters saw that their hope of gain had left, they laid hold of Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to the rulers

  3. They read the person and spew generic information that can cover the majority of the population. This is called the Barnum Effect after the circus showman, P.T. Barnum. Barnum is the one who coined the phrase, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” His formula for success was to “have a little something for everybody.”

  4. I have many clients and work as a “psychic” and most of my clients are via phone conference so I am not reading their faces or demeanor.
    It is not Satan giving me information and I am always baffled by that accusation by some “Christians” when the Bible says prophesy is a gift from God and not a tool from Satan.
    Anyway, it is really a mistake to think that psychics can read thoughts in the literal sense. Do you know how many thoughts a person has in a minute? 1000 or more and they are not necessarily coherent thoughts. Most people jump all over the place in their thoughts.
    I can only speak for myself when I say that I get information bubbles. I connect to a person’s energy and I get their intentions, feelings (inner state) and whether they have made any decisions to act on a certain matter or not.
    Again, every psychic reader is different. My primary focus is the evolution of my client. So, though they want me to look at another person or situation with another person, my focus always goes back to them and how they can evolve and do things differently. Not all psychics are necessarily spiritual and some, in my opinion should not be giving others advise. It is a buyer beware situation.

  5. They fake it.
    Kronza if you’ve studied this for so many years how come you can’t spell Satan?
    Satin is a fabric.

  6. They don’t.
    They can learn a lot about you by your looks and what you say. They are very observant people who have learned their craft over the years.
    They will usually say they see trouble coming in the future in order to bring you back too, don’t fall for it.
    There’s also something called a self fulfilled prophecy, which is basically when you are told something will happen and then you inadvertently make it happen yourself.
    Hope that helps!

  7. Actually it is no magic or special aura it the the control of Satin over their backbone which means that if satin controls your backbone he controls all of your body…. and it is he that is reading the peoples mind and then telling the person not the person doing anything

  8. a psychic can read energy and extract info from your auric field. A medium is usually also psychic but can raise their vibration high enough to connect and communicate with the spirit world thus communicating with an actual spirit. The difference I guess is if the information is coming from another person or is it thoughts coming to you alone
    Those that don’t understand this shouldn’t criticize or judge

  9. They don’t. They are either deluded or lying
    Please grow up
    Please do not say I don’t understand. I have been investigating the possibility of the paranormal for over 35 years and I have NEVER found any truth to it.
    I am open minded. I would LOVE to see evidence of actual psychic or other paranormal ability, but I never have.
    If I am open minded to keep looking…will you have a sufficiently open mind to consider that you may be wrong?
    BTW, there has been a one million dollar prize available to anyone who can demonstrate psychic ability….it’s been offered for ten yrs…no winners…guess why?

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