i want to know how can i stop negative clairvoyance on me?

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flng trble by the fact that people come to know everything about me by dreams!!?
i prayedto god ” in ko dikhao me kya hoon.;’read some verses of quran.a clairvoyant did some magic on me.one day while asleep in the night i felt still unable to move and something was injected into my ear .WHAT TO DO?? somebody help me please
You can’t

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See a shrink – it may be that you are simply suffering from paranoia


always think positive in real life it will reflex in your dreams

The Last Voice of Reason

You are probably worrying yourself into all this. First of all, nobody is going to know everything about you by dreaming. When people dream their minds are sorting out information so better thinking is possible. Secondly, clairvoyance is rare and it is not “magic”. Lastly, if something is wrong with your ear, you should see a doctor.


You suffered from an episode of sleep paralysis. There was no magician. Google “Sleep Paralysis” to find out all about it.
Stop being afraid. Its all in your own mind. Your imagination is running away with you.

Peter D

Look into sleep paralysis. You might be amazed by what you find out.
Also, like with voodoo or any other magic, being affected by magic rests entirely on the shoulders of the believer. In other words, if you believe magic affects you then you will make sure it does. If you do not believe in magic (as I don’t) then it has no power over you. My advice is to get yourself educated, because the belief in magic is diametric to your level of education. I mean no offense by that, but it’s true.

nuff said

I dont understand what your writing, ut a spell check might help us understand your question.


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