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I want to know everything there is to know about Chakra, but not the Naruto kind.?

My main question sort of says it all doesn’t it? lol But seriously, i want to find a place (website, if possible) to learn everything about Chakra that i can. From what it is, to how to align your Chakra to the history of Chakra. Everything.


  1. ‘Chakra’ is a sanskrit word from Indias’ Hinduism, but actual scriptural references are very rare and basically not translated into English at this time. Therefore, teachings about the Chakras are best learned from a real, live spiritual teacher like a guru or swami who is Hindu or belongs to one of the many lineage denominations and schools of philosophy of Hinduism like Kashmir Shaiva, Advaita, Vedanta, Jain or Buddhism. I am such a person. (see http://www.ibasi.org , ‘About Devi’ ).
    I have an outreach Yahoo! interest group called, ‘Chakra-Ascension’ just for folks like yourself to ask questions and get support for your spiritual development.
    You should understand though, that the Chakra System is bioenergetic and can not be sensed by most people, and should not be manipulated directly by untrained, unqualified people. However, if you wish to learn about the Chakra System as a set of psycho-spiritual stages, or levels, of attainment towards self-realization/ enlightenment, and receive mentoring on passing through these 7 stages here’s my recommendation: Read Deepak Chopra’s book called, “How to Know God”. Deepak explains the Chakras as 7 psycho-spiritual paradigm shifts in personal/spiritual development and gives lots of examples and explanations of how a person ‘graduates’ from one to another throughout their life/ lives.
    If, after you read this intro book, which I recommend to all my new students, and wish to sign up for this path at IBASI’s Ascension College (online & distance learner only), check out the IBASI website and sign-up at the Registration page there.
    Hope this helps – best of luck on your journey,
    Rev. Dr. Devi


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