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I want to help people…which career should I choose?

I have a BS in Psychology.
Hospital Chaplain (need Master’s in Divinity and Clinical Pastoral Education) problem is I’m spiritual and believe in God, but not religious persay.
Professional Counselor (crisis, bereavement, mental health, families)
Social Worker in a Hospital
Child Life Specialist (works with hospitalized kids to make them feel more comfortable, helps with their development.)


  1. This is your choice…noone else’s. You have to do whatever makes you the happiest. I’m almost done with my psychology degree. I’m going into criminal psychology.

  2. teacher…it meets many basic needs…especially in under-served areas.
    teacher is not just about book learning…a good teacher teaches life…

  3. You should choose which ever seems right for your situation, including the people that work at the places you want to apply for and what living conditions you would want.
    But I would study religion more if I were you. Not for the spiritual angle for yourself, but these others whom need help may be very spiritually tied to their religion – and you’ll need to speak of their faith with some depth.

  4. I can’t tell you which one you would enjoy most, so I’ll just tell you what I would do.
    I’d probably be a counselor, specializing in counseling children… i.e. working with abused, autistic, traumatized or handicapped children.

  5. Look to your heart…no matter what career you choose you can help….a musician sooths the soul for me after a hard day, a social worker may help those in need, ect….it matters not what you do, but how you do it and no matter what your career, you can always volunteer in another area! Good luck

  6. Why not look at the military? A bachelor’s degree may help you become an officer, with plenty of opportunities to help some who desperately need it.
    Depending on where you live, I would also suggest you talk to one of the state employment agencies. They have various tests and other things that may help you decide. Definitely, though, pray before you do anything else. You don’t want to find the wrong job–it’s easy to do!–and waste a lot of time doing something you don’t really like. I do wish you all the success in the world as you search for the best career possible.

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