I want to have relations with multiple succubi. How can make this happen?

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My goal is to have approx a dozen succubi who visit me regularly. If you are a succubus and you are looking for a no-strings attached regular food source that has abnormally high sexual energy then I’m your guy. I prefer succubi with a strong astral presence and that are a little forceful.
I’m obessessed with having succubi visit me. Normal guys want human girls, I want succubi.

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Calm Like A Bomb

You might want to get in touch with reality before it’s too late!

☆ On a boozathon ☆{ρ&ѕ к!¢кєяѕ}

M an incubus ……. can I apply 4 d position !!!


How can they visit you regularly. Don’t they deal in death? Succubi are hot though.


Be careful what you wish for. It’s not as it seems.


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