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I want to have my ear lobes pierced for the 2nd time but my 1st set are still healing?

I had my ears pierced for the 1st time 4 weeks ago and I would like to have a 2nd set put in. Do I have to wait until the 6 week healing period is over for my 1st set before I can have my 2nd set done. Do they have to take out your 1st set before they can pierce the 2nd set.


  1. Whats the rush ? Allow the others to heal, no salon worth their integrity will pierce whilst the 1st set still healing so be verfy careful – you could end up with an abcess. Keeping the 1st set clean is yr main priority for now.

  2. I think for practical reasons you might have to wait because unless you have very small stud earings it would be hard to get the earing gun around the studs and make it awkward. You only have two weeks left to go so try and hold on 🙂

  3. they did when i got mine done a 2nd time… um ur ment to wait 6 weeks and if u go bak to the place u got ur last ones they might not do it, but if u think ur first pair are healed enough you can go somewhere else… u only have to take them out for a couple of minutes…

  4. Yes they do, there needs to be enough room for the gun and your entire lobe will have to be cleaned to make sure theres no dirt on your ear. I waited for a year until I got my second set pierced in. The best thing you can do is wait for a few more months and keep your ears clean in the meantime. Your ear is probably still quite sensitive from your first piercing and there is still a chance it could get infected, imagine you had a second set put in and they got infected as well. It would hurt.

  5. i think there`s no problem having ur 2nd set w/o waiting for the 1st set to hell cos u can have 3 sets at the same time so if u want it done why wait?

  6. i have 2 too!! haha. no really, i think itd be better to let it heal. the gun on tthe second one could knock ur first earing and infect it. better to be safe than sorry


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