I want to get started in Yoga, how do i start and is it a good workout?

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I’d like to lose some weight and also get alittle toned. I am planning on starting some cardio but also was interested in yoga. Is yoga a good work out? What does it mostly impact? How do i get started? Are there any workout videos or equipment you’d recommend? Thanks!

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Yoga is a great workout, look for Yoga Made Easy, a book, and there are so many videos, I don’t know what to suggest. The fitness channel has a yoga show, try it, too.


Along with the cardio, Yoga is a very good work out. It’s a form of strength training that builds lean muscle rather than bulky muscle. It will definitely give you good tonation, but the muscles will be long and lean–more like a runners. The moves impact all of your muscles if you do a full session, but you can pick and choose moves as well. Many moves work on your core muscles because those are the muscles needed for good posture and a good center of balance–good balance and good posture also make you appear leaner. I would recommend signing up for a beginners yoga class that has sessions a few times a week. They are usually fairly inexpensive in comparison to gym memberships. If you don’t like that plan, there are also several at-home yoga videos you can follow as well. Many yoga places offer a free trial class, I would recommend going just to make sure your posture is correct for all of the poses–if it is not, they will be less effective. The only equipment yoga requires is a yoga mat for some padding. Wear things that are comfortable and you can move in.


get a wii system and get the wii fit it has yoga strength training mini games body tests and it has alot of stuff to keep u in shape i heard it has over 300 ways to keep u healthy and fit.


Here you can Find all about yoga


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