I want to develop my sexual skills a bit but am confused which path I should try – should I go for Tantra practices like Kerry riley or Ipsalu. Or should I try Taoism as taught by Mantak Chia ?


  • There’s a common misconception that Tantric practice is all about sex. It isn’t and it also isn’t easy to learn and comprehend, especially for anyone with that kind of tunnel vision. As for Mantak Chia, again you miss the point. His teachings are based on all around wellness and spirituality. Using such time honored practices for one purpose alone wastes your time and the time of your mentor. The way to develop your sexual “skills” is to have more sex and learning about satisfying your partner. You don’t learn to play tennis by going bowling.

  • You should be able to hold up a bucket of five gallons of water with the end of your 21st digit for eight hours. Once you can accomplish this feat you’ll be ready for any challenge

  • maybe just a bit more patience and imagination coupled with keeping both hands on the keyboard when you type.

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