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I want to communicate with Penfold via telepathy. I have a transceiver in Germany ready to relay signals. Now?

what should I say?


  1. “We have found it necessary to take measures of increasing stringency, not only against enemy aliens and suspicious characters of other nationalities, but also against British subjects who may become a danger or a nuisance should the war be transported to the United Kingdom.”

  2. Penfold informs me he has been trying to contact you via telepathy also but he said the signals were to damn weak to make a fortnight.

  3. Hello Penfold. We all miss you. Can you come back yet, the way it was before? if you’re here, i don’t know where you are, i’m not good at guessing games besides we love you the way you were. We love you two, oop’s bad spell checker.
    “Skype to my Loo, Skype to my Loo? Come in Ickle Bickle”

  4. In order to get a good test, do not use something expected..
    Think something like “Goat Boogers” and check his response. He might transmit ok, but not recieve well, that will check bidirectional communication.

  5. Penfold was hit by the so called Thermo Nuclear Sulking device.
    He is to good for us now and will help out in Suffolk with the festivities of the 23th annual “Stake Queen Homecoming”.


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