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I want to buy tarot cards, but I don't even know where to start.?

My friend thinks they’re really cool. Anyway, I want to get some really authentic ones and not cheap looking. If anyone who knows anything about Tarot cards can redirect me to a good site or brand or whatever, I’d really appreciate it!


  1. There are many great websites and stores with hundreds of options for you to choose from. Traditional tarot decks have 78 cards. There are many other types of decks available that do not have the traditional number of cards or the same categories of cards. These are usually called oracle cards. You can even make your own cards!
    Here are my recommendations for choosing a deck:
    See samples of the cards or the entire deck before you purchase. I recommend viewing a very popular website, called Aeclectic.net. It is a great website that lists hundreds of different decks, along with images of the cards and reviews.
    I look at certain cards to get a feel for if the deck coincides with my personal way of viewing the world or not. I chose my current deck, Pearls of Wisdom, after seeing the Death card. It shows a beautiful life transition from a time that is completed energetically, to a new world of brilliant color and abundance. Most other decks show the Grim Reaper, dark colors, and skeletons. Those depictions do not show the beauty of new opportunities and new growth, which is what the Death card means to me. As you are choosing your deck, spend time examining the pictures and seeing if they feel congruent with how you view the world or how you want to view it. Choose a deck that feels good to your Spirit.
    Choose a deck with meaningful, inspiring, and appealing images on each card. Some decks just show three wands on the three of wands card, for example. Other decks will show someone meditating or pondering and a ship for the three of wands. For intuitive reading, the latter style of deck is preferable. Before buying a deck, make sure you look at the numbered cards of the four suits (aka the Pip cards) to make sure they have meaningful images on them.
    You can also choose or make a fun bag or box to keep your cards in. I like this because I feel like I’m opening a present every time. Other people prefer to keep their cards in the original box.
    Once you find a deck you love, check out my Free ecourse on Psychic Tarot Reading to get you started. http://www.mymagicaljourney.com/psychic-tarot-reading/
    I hope this helps!


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