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I want to believe that there ARE Charmed Ones & that their book is the truth. Can you stop me?

Yeah! My proof is 8 years of kicking some demon butt using the Great Book of Shadows. I also believe that in the Book of Shadows it says:
” The Book of Shadows is the truth and the only way. No one comes to the Charmed Ones but by Me”.
C’mon guys, join me!
(The Charmed Ones are real, and The Source (of All Evil) will come after you. Beware!)


  1. I LOVE Charmed! I have seasons 1-7 on DVD. It would be so awesome to have their powers. I can’t stop you. I want to join you! 🙂

  2. It’s only a tv show, and a cancelled one at that. Aaron Spelling created it. Rose Mcgowan, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano-they’ve moved on. And while I liked the show very much, I’m moving on too.
    Leo and Piper were my favorite couple-so sweet 🙂

  3. Can I STOP you? No. “Proof”??? 8 years of television-world from LA-LA-Land is PROOF? You “believe” that in the book of shadows it says…. [whatever]… so what is the proof it says that? You seem to be hanging your proof and your life on some pretty lame, and thin stuff there! “Charmed” is a fictional show… and that’s it.. fiction… NO-real… non-factually based. If you believe that show then you believe that Robert Young WAS a doctor because he PLAYED one on TV (Oh for us old fogies, that would be Dr Welby MD!)… etc.etc.
    Get a life… a REAL life!

  4. i can do what the pirates did: tying a rope through your genitalia and hang you up with it. And then slowly cut off pieces of meat from your family members and then blending it in with their piss and poo and feeding it to you.
    That’s how i’d stop you, not that I would, but that’s how i’d do it.


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