1. And I wish I could fly. But unfortunately, neither of our dreams are possible. Sure, there are plenty of people out there who claim they can do this, but none of them are willing to show anyone who could verify it – and then the hang out here complaining that no one believes them. This guy would be happy to give them a million bucks for a quick demo http://www.randi.org after which they’d win another million from the Nobel Prize committee for revolutionizing science. But no, they’d rather charge you $20 a month for tips on their website.
    EDIT: There’s no part of your brain that lets you break the laws of physics, and that’s what you’re talking about here. The ‘we only use 10% of our brains’ thing is a myth; we use all of our brains, just not all the time.

  2. you have to strengthen those parts of your brain with some kind of exercises. read information about the brain so that you understand what parts of the brain do what.

  3. It is best if you just concentrate on telepathy. The rest of them, influencing stuff with your mind is very difficult.
    Check out the internet.

  4. Well, I hate to tell you this, but all those things are completely different.
    a telepath is someone who can read other people’s thoughts.
    Telekenisis is being able to move things with the mind.
    Teleportation I’m assuming is being able to travel by thought alone.
    I’m not sure the last two actually exist, though I’m more likely to believe Telekensis exists, but I’d imagine it would take phenomenol control of the energy in and around your body. That takes learning what that energy is and how to get it moving period. Look up kundalini and chakras. Oh, and don’t expect it to happen over night. It could take years of practice and growth before you get the point that something actually moves.
    Telepath… meditation and chakra work, the third eye and the heart I think, don’t quote me on that.

  5. Absolutely, first in order to read people’s thoughts ask them what their thinking then pay careful attention to their facial expressions and body language. If they seem to contradict one another comment on this and then see what they say. Conversation is a great way to read a persons thoughts.
    Teleportation, this is perhaps the easiest of them all. Any mode of transport from a bicycle to a jet airplane to a cruise ship will transport you to anywhere in the world you wish to be.
    Telekinesis: Think about moving an object, reach over and move it.
    OK, more seriously there are some links below that will give you information of ways to allow your possible ESP to come through and what might be possible with psychokinesis (newer name for telekinesis) which I will give you a hint does not include levitating your friends or stopping run away cars.

  6. Sorry butI think we R not able to do those kind of things
    But I´d love to be a telepath ! ! ! !!
    Have a nice weekend !

  7. It’s all possible! You need to master TM or Yoga, Tai-chi…it takes a long time. Go buy yourself ” How to study guide to mental telepathy, there’s a ton of stuff in this book. By Tuella& T. Lobsang Rampa.
    You’ll learn a ton of what you want to know, though this is serious business.
    Good luck with this big book.

  8. When I was a little kid I really wanted to fly. I used to have flying dreams, and I actually thought for a while if I really concentrated and thought about it, I could do it just like in my dreams. But, I was just a little kid.
    Telepathy has never been successfully demonstrated
    Teleportation has never been successfully demonstrated
    Telekinesis has never been successfully demonstrated.
    These are all area of speculative fiction and pseudoscience, but not reality.

  9. The best thing to do is go to the library or a large bookstore and find a decent book about the subject. Look for one that you think will keep it real. Some books are better than others.
    Don’t start wasting money on websites. I wouldn’t trust any website that promises to make you telepathic and wants a lot of money. Go with the book.


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