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I want to be in the Olympics in 2012 but i need to get faster.Any ways to speed up my running ?

I am 14 and i want to be in London 2012 Olympics. I really need to get faster though. Any suggestions how?


  1. train like crazy, join a gym, eat right, use supplements, consult a personal trainer. Depends on what distance you want to run as well. Good luck!

  2. by training.
    eating healthily and training up your muscle, burning your fat. so you have a low percentile of fat.
    also finding a technique that works well for you is also a good way of increasing your speed.
    many things can contribute to speed but one thing i think you should focus on is your stamina. a higher stamina means you will last longer and in effect be able to run faster for longer.
    good luck !

  3. Join a club and get a great trainer. They will be able to help you work out your streangths and weaknesses and will be able to help you improve.
    Good Luck. We’ll be watching out for you 2012!

  4. Good Luck!
    A healthy diet and a lot of training is essential. If you’re not already then start eating more healthily. Find a coach near you to train you and train, train train!
    Most runners are born runners so if you have always been a good runner then hopefully you were born one!
    Only the top (unprofessional) athletes can compete so don’t be to upset if you don’t make 2012. If you start know then you will be amazing for 2016!

  5. definitley training will help u and u have to be sure to eat x-tremely healthy no sugar sweets chocolate and calories carbs or fat

  6. Mas, how dare you encourage a 14 year old to take steroids. Perfomance enhancing drugs have dangerous side effects and many athletes taking them have died from it.

  7. Make a lot of money and hire a personal trainer, and train for hours and hours everyday until it feels like it will never end.

  8. Like the others said, train like crazy, but please remember that the UK has some fantastic athletes, so it’s going to be tough, but not out of the question.
    Or, you can try this – compete for another country. See if places like Luxembourg, Monaco, or Andorra have a team. If they don’t, then offer to become the team.

  9. Kelly Marie. This is Connor M (the 14 year old boxer). I’ve been tryng to find out how to get in touch with you and I couldn’t find out at all coz when I clicked on add contact or IM you the buttons wouldn’t work and I couldn’t find a different way. I thought that we could talk to each other to hear about each others progress and stuff. If you wouldn’t mind cud you please tell me how to contact you. If you had MSN that wud be best. You could reply by putting the reply on my new question. Just click on my name and then on questions and it should be there.


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