Home Discussion Forum I want to astral project but im scared?

I want to astral project but im scared?

Call me a wuss I dont care
Some people say its part of the occult others dont
I dont know what to beleive
All i know is that I dont want to be involved with anything in the the occult
I dont want to see scary things or even feel scared
gimme the 411?


  1. There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s all in your head. Use your imagination all you like. That’s all astral projection is.

  2. “I dont want to see scary things or even feel scared”
    So lock yourself in a room with a dvd player, a tv and copies of all the series of ‘friends’ and watch them over and over.
    That way you’ll just end up feeling cheated.

  3. It’s extremely dangerous. When you astral project, you have to be very, very careful if you even make it successfully to the other realm.
    I suggest you talk to someone in real life who has done it before, not over the internet. You can easily be given bad information, and you don’t want to mess up when you are attempting something that could be so dangerous.

  4. Why ?
    Knowledge is not scary, if you know it is not true, you cannot be harmed by it.
    People that actually believe in the supernatural are afraid.
    Seeing as there is not one small jot of evidence to suggest such things are true, why be afraid ?

  5. Well if thats the case then you should not try astral projection…especially without a guarding spirit to guard your souless body to prevent unkind spirits from posessing your body while your gone,and a spirit guide so you can get back to your body and not be lost in the astral plane forever…

  6. “I dont want to see scary things or even feel scared”
    Your gonna have a hard time getting over this part if you want to project.
    On the plus side you probably already done it and don’t remember.

  7. Your silver umbilical cord is attached to your body, in which you can spiritually fly anywhere {picture yourself as a kite}. You may travel to a friends house, eavesdrop on an interesting conversation or take off into the universe. If you bump into a celestial being~give them a “hello” and spiritual *hug* for me, will ya?

  8. Astral projection has nothing to do with the occult.
    Practicing astral projection is spiritual. And if you are against spiritual stuff, you shouldn’t practice it.
    There is nothing scary about astral projecting and you will not see anything scary.
    But before practicing it, you MUST get over your fear.
    There are many benefits to practicing it. You should do it =)

  9. Look dude im 12 and i tryed astral projecting and i love it and nothing will harm you. Many spirits are nice even though u cant. Really hear them well and dont try to hug them they will probably think thats weird just say hello and walk away and its nothing like insidious. But be warned get over the fear if u think scary thoughts then u will see scary thoughts. If u see something scary then think of ur fisical body form and you’ll atomaticly be transported to ur old self. And dont do it on an impty stomich or when u didnt drink alot of fluids that day. And also dont think of your worst fear that will be a huge mistake


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