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I want to ask this girl out but my subconscious mind is stopping me?

I consciously think I can ask my crush out
But subconsciously I think I can’t. I try imagine my crush and I hugging each other, and for some reason, it always end up with her pushing me away. I been trying to focus so hard on imagining her not pushing me away. But it’s better than before, before I couldn’t even picture my face with my crushes.
I think this is what been stopping me from even asking out people who have a crush on me.
How do I, picture myself with her, without her pushing away? (In other words, how do I tell my subconscious mind that I can do it?)


  1. look in the mirror and say you can do this its just a simple mind over matter. You dont mind to ask this girl out and your subconscious dont matter

  2. stop thinking and just GO FOR IT.
    you keep hoping things go out perfectly but you are dissapointed when things dont go your way.
    You need to get out of that little world of yours thinking sitiuations will be ponys and daisys because mostly they arent.
    whatever you want to do you go for.dont think of everything be the way you want it to be because u should know by experiance.
    good luck

  3. I once asked a girl out and she was a black girl and i am white and were i live that isn’t cool but i asked her and she said no and when i asked her she said cause my parents would die if she went out with a white guy
    but the thing is she said that she loved me but her parents
    and i knew she was going to say that but i went for it anyway
    moral of the story is things will happen
    but u have to go with what u feel


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