I want to ask about philosopher I want summary about (plato,frued,jung,gardner,lao-tzu,Machiavelli)?

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I want any thing about mind and political(government) that plato,frued,jung,gardner,lao-tzu and Machiavelli talk about and I want compare between them if they have any similar or different idea

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Go to your library and hire books written by these philisophers then read them and then compare them.
Quite simple really


I like Erickson. He has taken the primitive teachings of Freud and developed them into tasks that we need to accomplish such as infancy is trust vs mistrust. Toddlers autonomy vs shame. etc. It is really interesting and I recommend it.


Are u asking me to condense all the books about these guys down to one simple answer?


Ok, so I know what you want.
What’s your question?

david j

libraries could give better answers


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