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I want to act in the movie Breaking Dawn *This is a Twilight related question please no haters!*?

Hey everyone!
….I want to play as renesme in the upcoming movie breaking dawn?
Some people say i could sooo….
Well they say her age progresses or something and i could play the tween one?
I’m 11 almost 12….
I have brown-Blonde hair
Hazel eyes with golden flecks
Do u think i can?If so can someone tell me where to go to audition?
Timid Women Never Make History
Um youve got it all wrong?Obviously if you were a twilight fan youd know Eclipse comes before breaking dawn!
Guess someone isnt the brighting crayon in the pack.


  1. LOL you and about 300,000 other 11 year olds.
    you wish, seriously, theyre probably going to hire an actual actor…

  2. I’m being honest, but you have no chance of that happening.
    Twilight was so popular that they already picked out the cast for the rest of the movies.

  3. You’re a twilight fan? Then,you should know that there is no plans for a Breaking Dawn movie as of right now. So,you’re pretty ahead of yourself here. Any anyway,there is one more book before Breaking Dawn,Eclipse..

  4. By the time they come out with the movie, you’d be too old. They also probably wouldn’t show the tween part of her.
    She’s also a fire red head, and has GOLDEN eyes along with perfect porceline pale skin. You could try, but I doubt they’d let you in the audition

  5. ~SaaAA~➨♫ ♥ ☮ツ ✿ﻉ√٥ﺎ☆☯☂εїз✔ஐ❤

    IIt’s pretty much impossible. Sorry :/
    They will probably want someone with a lot of acting experience.

  6. they would have to have you play as a future Renesme, maybe as an epilogue thing with her growing up because from what i read in the book, she wasn’t more than 4 or 5 (when i say that, in mentality and physical description) in the “final showdown”

  7. You could problay work in the background but if u don’t know anyone important u r prob;ay not going to get anything big but…..u never know???
    Twilight all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. They’ll ask agents in Hollywood for that, and considering that New Moon is already out, I’d say that the part for Renesmee was cast months ago.
    You can’t just land big parts straigth away. You have to work up to it.

  9. I really dont think you can. Its a big movie, so they are gonna want experienced actors. And, by the time the movie came out, you are gonna be like 14..

  10. They are most likely going to hire a professional actor who is actually at her age. Also, by the time they start filming you are going to be much older and won’t fit the part.

  11. well, you would need a lot of acting experience since a lot of money will be riding on it. so, as long as you’ve been in a few leading roles, have a kick ass agent in hollywood and are persistent, i’m sure you’ll get the part.
    just dont be disappointed when it doesnt work out.


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