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I want really interesting, eccentric Americans that I can do a history report on?

I was thinking about Aleister Crowley or George Orwell, but today, I found out that the topic has to be American. So, now I can restart on who I want to pick. They don’t have to have made a big impact on history, but please no suggestions that are too “mainstream” or that everyone can recognize the name. I want someone original and wacky.


  1. How about Howard Hughes? He was a billionaire who was crazy. If you choose him, be sure to read Merv Griffins’ and Earl Wilson’s stories about him.

  2. The revolutionary war is a good example.
    Where else will you read about pirates and thieves fighting along other people who are regular citizens?
    Try abscam or fraud.

  3. Well, you can try Hetty Green, millionaire stock market miser; John D. Rockefeller; Henry Ford; Thomas Edison; or Howard Hughes. All of these people had weird quirks like germophobia or belief in spirits or politically incorrect ideas or greed. Check the link. Google is your friend.

  4. “Emporer” Norton. He was quite eccenteric. Lived in San Francisco – you could look into him. You might also consider folks like comic/actor Andy Kauffman, writer Hunter S. Thompson. or musician Brian Wilson.


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