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I want not to accept negative energy?

I accept negative energy from the people during daytime, need a canal for it, and need to look for myself more. Tell now, how to concentarte to myself and take the best from life? From every single day, without daydreaming…


  1. i think ur in the wrong section.
    Its called Buddhism.
    Look it up, their beliefs are very much like the one you are trying to seek. They believe in Inner belonging and self, and to be true to oneself in order for you to be true to others. Accept yourself, look deep down and cure yourself.
    I religiously follow the beliefs and religion of Buddhists ways of life.
    other: Zen, Nirvana, Yoga, ect.

  2. Imagine yourself being connected to the Earth through an invisible cord from the base of your spine. Allow all that negative energy to flow down that cord to be recycled by our Mother.


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