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i want him to dump me now?

I’m getting fed up. We haven’t been talking for 5 days now, since he swore at me and threatened to pick a fight by email…”I WILL pick a fight”.
I really want him to dump me now. He hasn’t noticed that I’ve changed my online status to Available. He was under stress but I don’t think it’s acceptable for him to threaten me. It wasn’t my fault that he doesn’t get a sexual clearance history before sleeping with someone or after splitting up with someone. I have tried to talk to him about sex diseases many times and he wouldn’t. It’s like karma that he now has a scare.
I really want him to split up with me. I’m fed up of a guy with a temper who thinks it’s ok to blame me for anything that goes wrong in his life. The thing is, if I dump him, karma will give me a sex disease next or something. I’m so lucky (grateful to God) that I’ve just tested clear.


  1. Why wait for him to break up. You should do it and right now. Here is what you can say.
    “Things are not working out. Goddbye.”
    It is that easy.

  2. no karma will not get back at you for dumping a guy only if you do something really wrong and dumping a guy is nothing wrong soo just dump him

  3. talk to him and tell him you can’t do it anymore and that you want to break up with him and that you going to start lokkin without breakin up wit him and he’ll break up with you

  4. What? Are you for real? Karma doesn’t just hand out ‘sex diseases’ to people for dumping their boyfriends. If you get a sex disease it will be because YOU made a mistake and weren’t careful. You need to break up with him. You are too stupid to be in a relationship.

  5. If you feel threaten maybe you should take a break from one another and see if things change and get better for the two of you! Give it a try first and if things dont work out at least you know you tried! As far as the STD thing, Karma will not give you an STD, lack of protection will get you an STD!!
    hope things get better for you!

  6. You are spiritualizing this way too much. You’re not married. You have no ties to this guy. Dump him and move on.
    By the way, God is against pre-marital sex, and Karma is another religion altogether. So pick one and stick to it, but not both.

  7. Listen brilliant one, if YOU break up with him then it’s bad Karma. And you’ll get an STD. If you don’t break up with him, then eventually he’s going to give you an STD. Either way, you got it. So break up with the dude and make your own choices. He doesn’t get a clearance because he’s got an STD. And you’re worried about Karma! Wake up and smell the trouble.


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