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i want 2 or more desktop ( i dint know what exact called it ). i want to play 2 online games at the same time?

1 monitor but 2 start menu you will see on screen or maybe more. example: left side on your screen you play games and the right side is another games.
why i ask this kind of question? because I play online games namely : ( TANTRA ONLINE GAMES ). I have 2 accounts. i want to play that 2 account and party it so that both of them will lvl up. — for windows XP and window 98— please email me. thanks
I u see: I
I my computer I I
I recycle bin I
I start menu I another I
I I start menu I


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  2. Great site that combines their own games with loads of other sites games. Very easy to navigate and a great looking design
    All flash games
    u can open games in new windows and play multiple games. Not 100% sure if this is what ur looking for though


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