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I wanna use my rose quartz stone to attract true love for once but how?

Hi i got a rose quartz stone so that i can attract true love, ive never had it, and i really want it very badly, i want love thatll make me feel good, and not bad, or like itz lacking the love, and i go to school with alot of girls that probably would fit my true lovers description, and i know i would wanna date some of the beautiful girls at my school but i havent, and i wanted to know if since i have a rose quartz stone what would i have to do, as step by step to find this true love, or atleast real love thatll fit me right…..


  1. Ummm it’s a rock it’s not going to attract anything, why don’t you try acting like a nice person, being funny and likable. Having qualities a woman would be interested in, women do not like guys who depend on rocks to get them what they want. Sorry but come on now, use your head. Seriously I would leave a guy who told me he thought a rock would bring him love.


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