I don’t know anything about yoga. I’m 14 and I play a lot of sports, I don’t wanna get hurt, would yoga help? I heard it relaxes you, like in stressful situations if you like breathe a certain way? Like I said I don’t know anything about it. Does it like help with your breathing? Please help to let me know if this is something I could get into… Thanks


  • Yoga is so great for your body! It helps you breathe, it helps you become more flexible, and it’s exercise so all around it makes you feel better. If you don’t know much about it, find a class somewhere around where you live and start going to it. If you can’t afford monthly classes, go to a video store (or even a used video store) and buy a cheap yoga video. There really great! I have quite a few, it’s nice because you can just do yoga in your living room! Good luck!

  • yoga is very relaxing. and helps relieve and get rid of stess, and yes it does make you more flexible..
    the p90x is amazing, it includes yoga in it too 🙂 you get in VERY good shape

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