i wake up in the middle of the night with intense sensations in my chest- most of my life – what could it be?

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it feels like energetic impulses that are very swift and travel down my body (never up towards my head)
is this a natural indication of the heart chakra opening?

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You should go to a doctor to rule out anything physical before jumping to the supernatural.

Eric Von Cartman



Could be the result of eating spicy foods too close to bedtime


Could be panic disorder. There is medication for it.


Sounds like heartburn, get some rolaids.


are you a believer? if you are, then maybe God is trying to tell you something. pray for the answer.
if you are not a christian then go to the doctor for a physical check up.


sleep paralysis
a chemical release at the point of sleep
so that you dont act out a dream ( which would be dangerous )
the paralysis affects the torso and legs
leaving the neck and upwards .. the feet and the genitals with feeling
a common factor felt with this , is a heaviness to the chest area and difficulty in breathing … and is associated with such myths , like the old hag , alien abductions , incubus and succubus
about 40 % of the population will feel this affect at some point if they waken too soon .. or dont fall asleep in time when the chemical is released
it is perfectly normal and not harmful
but if it is worrying then your doctor would be able to help


Sounds like you have heart burn


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