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I used Frontline on my 7 year old cat for flea control. Now he appears to have prolapsed third eye lid.?

The third lid is moving across his eyes and his pupils wander.


  1. Better take him to the vet then in case there’s something wrong, sounds like it! I wouldn’t think it’s to do with the Frontline, because this particular product stays on the skin and does not affect the animal internally. Having said that, there’s not a chemical in the world that hasn’t caused a reaction in someone somewhere, so although I’ve never known a case of adverse reaction to Frontline, you could be the unlucky one – vets!

  2. the application of Frontline usually does not correlate with what you are describing.
    However there may be a reason for that and it could be that he got some of the application in his eye when he reacted to the application. OR he may be underweight for the amount of the application of Frontline

  3. First off…Ignore Turd, I mean Murd, secondly…get him to a vet, some cats are allergic to that stuff….I read somewhere on the web that the poisons and toxins in that stuff are really bad for your pets, i used it one time and my cat started acting really sick, thats when i started looking on the web about what it could do to your pets. The third eyelid shouldnt be down at all, unless he’s seriously affected by whatever he got into or the frontline..also my friends cat about died from the swiffer wet jet chemicals she mopped her floor with..that stuff is very harmfull. Good luck and get to the vet today!!!

  4. I don’t know that the two are related.
    I have a Siamese who is also older and for a long time both of her third eyelids were covering her eyes. It can sometimes be related to neurological damage (like a fall). Hers went away in about 3 weeks and I haven’t seen it happen again since.


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