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i trying to astral project but i cant and after i stop trying it makes me feel dizzy is this normal?

i go to a quiet place to try and lay down and relax
and after 10 minutes i actually get relaxed to the point were it feels like i cant even move my body.. is this normal?
and i stay there just trying to project and i cant do it.. why?
and after words when i get up
i feel completely dizzy, my body is weak…
is this normal…
(Ive never projected before if you cant already tell)


  1. Maybe you’re trying to hard, and it’s weakening you. Are you sure it’s a quite relaxing place? And are you concentrating, but not straining?

  2. 1) there is NO, ZERO , NADA evidence for “astral projection” and it has been scientifically studied
    the Military would love to be able to send “astral spies” against their enemies
    2) deep relaxation does have real physical effects in terms of breathing, blood pressure, muscle tone and mental state.

  3. Of course you can’t astral-project. No one can. No one ever has. No one ever will.
    Whoever told you there is such a thing was either deluded or lying to you.

  4. Astral projection is a myth, that’s why you can’t do it.
    Don’t know why you feel weak & dizzy, probably blood sugar, but we wouldn’t know for sure, not enough info in question.


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