I truly believe I have Medium gifts, like a psychic.?

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I much money can I make?
(I see dead people, & they give me messages from the spiritual world, since I was 3 years old)
Should I be afraid of people making fun & threats against me?

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If you were a medium, you wouldn’t have to ask.


You have been seeing dead people since you were three and you fear people making fun of you????
You misspelled psychotic.


Makes perfect sense that dead people would give a message to a three year old,how were you going to relay the message? There are no dead people in contact with Earth.

Mr Cook

if you can help me to know what the number will shows up in the mega millions today . I will give you 50 %
prove it

john d

really? what kind of messages do they give you…email me please…this seems really interesting…and are you really sure your not just delusional? I’m going to temporarily open up my email with the hopes that you’ll send me a line…cause i wanted to know about my future.


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