i tried the chakra cleansing with several methods over long period of time and it seem they didnt work?






DO I NOT HAVE CHAKRAS????????????????????????????


  1. Whn you’re about to fart, stick your finger in your butt while trying very hard to fart while you can’t and you will find Chakra flowing out to your fingers.

  2. Nothing works from outside that isn’t allowed to work from inside.
    All have chakras. Be open and be nothing. Then nothing interferes with the work.
    Only when we are joyful do we forget it. When we ask we no longer are.
    We interfere with joy when we stop to think if we are joyful.

  3. Lol, of course not. There is no objective evidence that such things exist. I wouldn’t get so worked up over it though.
    I would suggest instead of doing silly chakra cleansing rituals, that you try grounding yourself instead.

  4. How would you know if you have and have not done so, if not by sheer Faith. All Forms have energy even thoughts have energy, try to watch about Quantum Field, waves & particles on youtube. To purify the Chakra you should have clean and clear intention and accept the change tangible enough to make it work for you. It is a state of mind. You are what your mind is. So if you change your outlook in life and your attitude towards things you will see far clearer picture and purpose in life. Let it flow and act on it. Each individual is unique and start discovering your inner self that you do not see often. Know what is you in relation to the grand scheme of things, and what makes you important that you have to exist into this world.
    If everyday you can find yourself happy in simplest of things…that means it is working.

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