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I tried auto-suggestion because i really want to improve but it seems to be not working. What is wrong?

I read the books “think and grow rich”, “power of the subconscious mind” etc. etc…. I tried to follow what is written there. I sometimes read stuff on the net how to do these things but nothing seems to be working. It has been more than 6 months now and i can’t see or feel any change. Any idea on why this does not seem to work? I would appreciate serious answers and not the sarcastic ones. Thank you. =)


  1. …..Proper mental attitude is important. Unfortunately there are several other more important factors to being successful…
    – Relevant knowledge
    – Skills
    – Experience
    – Motivation
    – Values
    – Opportunity
    – Resources
    – Relationships
    – Most important…character strengths such as patience, persistence, courage, composure, effort, initiative, responsibility, compassion, rationality, creativity, loyalty and others. These are behavior patterns that are ingrained during a life by exercising the traits themselves.
    It’s kind of like playing golf. You can learn some things from reading books, but that’s only the beginning. It takes a lot more (see above) to gain enough ability to be a winner.

  2. If I suggest you that your problems will be over if you meditate Vipassana and your problems will be over will you believe me? if not please follow this link and seriously consider it I can assure you that you will be happy. It is my own experience. http://www.dhamma.org/en/

  3. I know 6 months seem like a lifetime, when you’re trying to make life changes. Trust me, you’ve been at this only a short time. Reading and practicing what you’re learning is a very important step. Think positively. The fact that you even want to change is HUGE. It’s going to take time to re-condition your brain to this new mindset. Give it as MUCH time as it takes. Transformation is different for everyone. It takes as long as it takes.
    I wish you peace and success in your journey!

  4. Does your inner match your outer? Are you truly believing that you have it already? Do you really believe that you are wealthy and abundant? Don’t ever say the word debt because then you give it power. Are you mastering the critical voice in your mind? If you say, hey I’m rich and wealthy and it dosen’t manifest then you are not taming the critical voice properly. If in the back of your mind you beleive you are not worthy of money and success-your wish is granted. The mind will then manifest what you do not want because your mind is focused on what you don’t want. You must knock that critcal voice out of your mind-don’t give it power over you! Another thing don’t phrase things- as one day i’ll have-I’m getting that-I’m working towards so-so. You must acknowledge that you have it already! You should say “I’m so grateful and thankful that I have….” If you don’t put some powerful emotion behind it-then your mind will kick it out. You must feel it , believe it, and use it everyday. This is a very common setback that people can experience. Don’t block the positive emotions! You cannot create without emotion. Don’t give up either your already half way to your goals! You ARE WEALTHY,POWERFUL,HEALTHY,AND SUCCESSFUL! Please read more books about the LAW OF ATTRACTION! There is a bunch of books about this! Always remember you are what you think!Think yourself wealthy. Affirmations are beneficial also.Everyday say I’m so grateful and thankful for my success-I’m so grateful and thankful for my wealth! Believe In The Power Of Yourself! I believe in you! Blessings my friend!!!!!


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