I took a home pregnancy that was positive hw can i get a negative test at the doctors?

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i have been experiencing odd thing with my body and behavior . My breast are swollen , i have no energy to do anything and i plain just haven’t been feeling well.. I took a home pregnancy test and it came out positive . when i went to the doctors they also took a urine test that came out negative , they didn’t bother took take blood or check my breast since breast cancer runs in my family.. what should i think about all this?

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Take a test every couple of days


I think that u should take another test in about a week 2 confirm either ur or the dr results from the 1st time u and the dr tested.


I would tell them you want a blood test done. And if that also turns out negative, then have them do a mammogram if you are concerned about breast cancer.
I’ve had a false positive before… they say that it’s rare, but it CAN happen!


well 1 or the other test was right!
It is not right for you to feel like this if you are not pregnant. On the other hand, if you are you need to know so I would take another HPT and demand a blood test either result.
What HPT did you use, because I have heard that clear blue tests have got alot of hopes up with false positives!
I really hope you are pregnant! Good luck.


Take another test and take a pic and throw it in your docs face, the doctors are soo stubborn these days, i really hope you haven’t got breast cancer, but it sounds like you have the pregnancy symptoms xx




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