I think there is a chance I'm a psychic vampire?





This sounds really strange (and long) , but I’ve done research about the ‘real vampire community’ and realized I sound kinda like people’s descriptions of psychic vampires (who drain people’s energy, not their blood). I’m a 14 year old girl, but that doesn’t automatically mean I’m some rabid twilight fan. But I have some reasons that I might (and might not) be a psychic vampire.
My reasons:
1. I have a 5 year old brother, and we’re pretty close, but when I’m in a certain mood just being around him makes him scream. I can just look at him, or say something totally innocent, and he starts crying. And when he’s all emotional, it makes me physically feel better, like hyper and energized. That sounds horrible, but I really do love my brother. I have to consciously stop myself from making it worse or pushing him over the edge (I know just what to say, but I don’t).
2. My mom. She’s really sensitive to people’s body language and what they think of her, and apparently being around me just pisses her off. It’s totally irrational. She keeps telling me not to look at her or stand there doing nothing in the same room as her, it gives her the creeps like ‘something’s sitting on her soul’.
3. My friends. Really, I have only 2 good friends. One I spend a bunch of time with and one I don’t. The one I’m always around has changed dramatically in the past few years. She used to be energetic and popular, but started having panic attacks (mostly around me) and being always tired. She hasn’t had a single panic attack since she started going to a different school.
The other friend and I have weird control issues: she leads me around everywhere and pets me like a puppy, but really she’s dependent on me: She’s really afraid of losing me and keeps complimenting me about really random stuff. Both of my best friends consider me their only real friend.
4. Everyone else. In school I’m considered a loner and a weirdo. Other people besides my mom have said that I give them the creeps.
Now, some reasons why I think I’m NOT one:
1. When I was little I was obsessed with media vampires. At 7 years old I convinced my self that I was one of those. And bit people. Not fun.
2. I’m kind of a paranoid person. I used to think I had a bunch of weird diseases, now is this the new form of it?
3. The only reason I found out about psychic vampires is that when I was 12 I thought I was Otherkin. I was sure that I was a cat in a previous life, and this belief made me subconsciously act more like a cat, which almost stopped when I stopped believing that. I think it was psychosomatic, and this might be too.
4. I’ve tried to consciously drain energy from people and didn’t feel anything strong enough to really convince me it worked. (felt really stupid though).
So, sorry this was so long, but what do you people think? (yes or no answers accepted, I won’t freak out at anyone for saying i’m not one)
Some people use ‘psychic vampire’ as an insult, but to others its just a description of themselves. I don’t really WANT to be one, but the name doesn’t insult me either.
Ya know, I’ve realized I sound like a huge hypocrite in the first ‘additional detail’. I’m saying that I don’t want to be a psychic vampire, but seeming to assume that I am one. Just forget I wrote anything.
And yeah, I sound a bit crazy. I still do want to know, though. I can’t just forget about it. Should I repost or delete this question?


  1. This is a psychological issue.
    I had a psychic vampire friend for years, and honestly it was all just take take take from her, and never give, ever, mentally or in any other way. She was high maintenance and very difficult, never listened to any advice she would beg you for…it was just too much so I finally kicked her away from me, and its been awesome ever since.

  2. vira132231, no I do not believe that you are a psychic vampire at all. Although, your psychic abilities appear to be emerging. Let’s take the situation of you watching your mother as an example. Spirits which may be present see you as a channel which your mother also senses, as this ability and heightened sensory is genetic. Your mother may be feeling the spirits as they are drawn to you which is not usual for her. Most people react to this sensation with fear and then anger. Which also would explain your brother’s reaction, as well. You are not draining their energy but they are sensing the energy of the spirits you are attracting to you. So then to expand this fear of the unknown to your friends who suffer panic attacks…again just as I have explained to you. It would seem that your own guardian and spirit guides have their hands full as your abilities emerge within you. But there is nothing to fear from your perspective at all. You only have to learn to work with them.
    Wikipedia says that a psychic vampire is: A psychic vampire is a person or being who feeds off the life force of other living creatures. Psychic vampires are represented in the occult beliefs of various cultures and in fiction.
    The only vampiric entity that I know of, are vampire spirits which drain energy from human beings. These spirit vampires are known by various names. Often they adopt the opposite sex to their victim, since sexual energy is a highly concentrated food source, equivalent to sugar for the spiritual vampire. When these spirits do not assume human form they are called larvae. When they take on the form of a woman they are known as lamia or succubi. Male vampires of the spirit kind were sometimes called incubi or satyrs. They have many names in many cultures.
    These spirit vampires visit their victims in their beds during sleep, and enter their dreams, where they adopt pleasing forms. After their hold upon their unwitting hosts is certain, they drop the pretense of lovers and allow their natural forms to be perceived. Their natural features are distorted and grotesque, continually contorted with passions.
    Once the link is strong, the increasingly unwilling victim becomes obsessed with the spirit, and is able to feel, hear and see its presence during waking hours. The spiritual vampire haunts the presence of its victim, never leaving the victim’s side day or night. The result of this drawing forth of the life force is total exhaustion for the unhappy human host. Often this results in sickness and death, although this type of vampirization may continue for many years. Those who possess psychic perceptions can sometimes see the vampire spirit hovering close to its host like a dark shadow.
    In summation, you cannot be a spirit vampire as one you must be separated from your body and I still do not accept this theory on psychic vampire.

  3. Why dont you try to buy a Psychic Vampire Book and practice the chakra exercises in it? If you cant seem to get the hang of being a ‘psychic vampire’ or see any improvement within a month or two, then your obviously not one.
    Heres some books to help –
    You should read more about it, and understand it mostly before thinking your one. Message me at xdfaithxd@yahoo.com if you need some help, I know some places and chats with Indigo’s and psychic vampires in them that will read you and tell if are a psychic vampire or not.

  4. I’ll be praying for you… Seriously, you need some Jesus! You’ve surrounded yourself with evils, and therefore, your mind thinks you are one of those ridiculous vampires… You can’t suck emotions from people, unless you are just a pain in the butt, or sad all the time, and you’re making everyone else sad or irritated…
    You are one crazy child… People are not reincarnated, and vampires are not real. People may drink blood, but that doesn’t mean they are mythical creatures.
    And you felt stupid because what you’re doing is stupid :/
    Seriously, you’re 14, go to the mall or a movie or something…

  5. lol i have a friend who is… something she sort of has a bubble around her where everyone loses… something not happiness cause everyones hyper and happy around her even though her personality is totally emo they just lose themselves its like being on non-addictive drugs but when you get exactly 15 1/2 feet away (yes i was able to mesure) you feel normal and rational again. i swear it has nothing to do with her personality.

  6. here’s a website that can tell you more about my kind.we must be born a psyvamp.we can literally feel other’s emotions, or sometimes even thoughts. When people are upset,we HATE it because we we can feel your emotions almost as strongly as you do,it is almost as if we were litterally walking in your shoes.as an example, we like to be around happy people because it makes us happy(but we basically steal their buzz). if you were you would literraly feel their emotions. when ur bro is pissed, you would not feel better, instead you would either through a tantrum j likr him, or you would haveto leave the room because HIS emotions would be trying to take over you.Being a psyvamp is not a gift(the way I see it,)it is a curse. How would you like to be allergic to the sun? Or being able to “hear” others emotions,intentions,or even sometimes direct thoughts,and not even be able to shut them out, even if you wanted to? it is a cruel thing, and i don’t wish this curse/gift(however you put it), on anyone.but maybe ur an indigo child or something…but then again, i maybe im wrong. :p kthxbye is a total retard. im not high- maintnence, nor rich at all, but he’s prolly just talking about himself.

  7. I don’t think you are a vampire. Like you said you’re paranoid. As for the moods of others, if you’re in a good mood and someone else isn’t in a so good mood they might feel worse because you’re having a good day. It’s like a form of jealousy. As for your brother and friend who pets you, I just think they are weird.

  8. You may be of a line of ancestors who were empaths. It is far more possible than some of the faddish wannabe labels constantly displayed on M&F. If you do not do anything else, at least check out the word empath in a dictionary.

  9. Hey to be honest from your explanation you are sounding more like myself. but i do not consider myself to be a psychic vampire anymore. When i was younger in my early teens i always seemed to be quite sluggish and tired when i was on my own, but as soon as i was around people i was quite hyperactive and outgoing. I have always thought i am strange and that i am different from other people, mainly because i havent found any other person who thinks about things the way i do. i am quite mature for my age.
    The thing about consciously trying to drain energy which i have tried before makes the natural taking of energy less likely to happen because it is forced like causing a blockage. the best way i learnt to control such an ability is through energy manipulation, which is far more easier. I have taught myself to take from the universe rather than people or animals, and eventually it does it automatically making me feel normal.
    Its nothing bad its just your soul needing more energy than most to maintain itself

  10. haha sweetie, I think you’re fine. This is what I’m gathering from all of this.
    1) You’re 14. So you’re automatically in the age-range where “supernatural” stuff is big and I’m not just saying that because of “Twilight”. At 14, us loner kids (me included) were super interested in witchcraft, ghosts, and other paranormal stuff (vampires were my favorite). I think we felt that maybe being a real life witch/vampire would give us a reason as to why we were considered “weird” or a “loner”. Keep in mind that this was the late ’90s so shows like “Buffy”, “Charmed”, and “Roswell” were aimed at us (I’m guilty of being a 13 yr old crazed Buffy fan, I still love it). I cannot tell you how many times we were convinced we were psychic…
    2/3) I was/am a paranoid person as well. Every other month in jr. high I was convinced I had some form of disease or cancer or something. The internet didn’t help (though this was late ’90s so there weren’t as many forums or stuff as there are now). While it’s good to take precautions, it is important not to let it scare you to the point where it’s affecting your life. Your age is hard because you’re just now starting to really understand your body you’re learning more about diseases and you’re starting to realize that bad things CAN happen to you (as a kid, you didn’t REALLY think they could or you didn’t think about it or how it could affect you).
    4) As for the “weird” happenings around sucking energy, well, that happens to everyone. People in bad moods DO suck the energy from others. It puts other people in bad moods…when I’m around someone in a bad/sad mood, it puts a damper on things and can affect my mood as well…anyone can do it…it’s all about the way people handle themselves
    Also, about the thing w/ your little brother, he’s little and it’s really easy for small children to pick up the emotions of others and since they don’t understand what/why you/they are feeling that way, they get upset. And as for you feeling better, well, for some reason a lot of people feel better if they make someone else upset when they feel upset, too. My guess is you’re just really insecure right now. Which is sooo normal for your age. My sister was 7 years older than me and when she was feeling bad about herself or being picked on at school, she would do the same to me to make herself feel better…You’re not a bad person for doing, you’re young and this is how a lot of young people handle stuff, you still have soooo much growing up to do and you’ll learn other ways to deal with your negative feelings.
    I hope this helped, I don’t know how you young teenagers do things these days…when I was 14, we didn’t even have text messaging or camera phones. Most of us didn’t even get cell phones until we were driving. We didn’t have social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace (THANK GOD). I think it just adds more stress at a young age and I worry about your generation, I really do.

  11. Its possible, you should continue research and see how you feel in a few years if its the same that seems like your best explanation

  12. uhm… hmm. im not sure what to think…. all the reasons that you gave for being one…. are a little strange…. but not weird… i think u may be, a, ugh! wuts the word…. okay… i will get back to u on the word…. but why do u think u are a “vampire” ?! i was confused on that part….
    hope i helped…. i will get back to u on the word… it has many meanings, like seeing the… MEDIUM!!! THAT’S IT!!!!! or clervoyance…. look those up…. they might help you….. i’m a clairvoyance….. 🙂
    love, ZO??

  13. The term “psychic vampire” is actually an insult. It simply refers to people who are so demanding, so high-maintenance, that interacting with them leaves you feeling drained. They didn’t actually take anything from you, into themselves. They’re just pains in the butt to be around.
    If I were you, I’d really not use this term to refer to myself.

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