I think that I might be the reincarnation of Jesus?

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Any advice?

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You can’t be. He never existed in the first place.


Dude, you’re confusing religions.

British Shorthair

Collect your evidence, go on TV, and send me the resultant money.


Yes, take your meds.


….good luck with that…. -_-

Punky (Punk Messiah)

Stay away from Jews and crucifixes..

Love of Life

A lot of people have thought and claimed that other than you I talked to a someone who thought they were the “chosen one” and that they were a reincarnation of one of the ancient gods. There really is no evidence for Jesus outside the bible so how can someone reincarnate who doesn’t even exist.


I thought Tom Cruise was the reincarnation of Jesus?

Kindred Spirit

You can’t possibly be.
One of the guys I was in the hospital with was….
At least that’s what he told me!

my friend

you do not present any verifiable, reliable or quantifiable evidence regarding your professed assumption, nor do you express as to how you arrived at the same which does not make you any too credible.
was your mother a virgin and your father a carpenter?
can you perform miracles and healings, raise the dead, speak hebrew without ever having studied the language, etc.?
i would advise you to seek competent mental health care.


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