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I think that i might be a psychic!!!! Need to know for sure!?

I’m 15 years old i think that i might be a psychic/medium and it scares me and i dont know whats going on! I do it very weird though when i hear something that i know is important (to me only) my eyes water (not cry) just water and i can tell if something bad is going to happen and i can usually know what it is that will happen! I can feel things around me constantly and it feels as if im being watched! The weirdest one though is that i can watch those unsolved murder shows and something like flashes in my head and i can tell who murdered them and how!!! And when i sleep i see things that i dont think we happen at the time and a couple weeks later it happens! Example: I saw in my dream one of my friends getting hurt and cut on there back bad! And one week later my friend was skating down a hill crashed and gashed his back and he was in the hospital for a couple days! I dont know what to do and im scarred!


  • you have no reason to be scared,just pray and ask god to protect you with the white light of the holy spirit,if you want to use your gift,tell him to only show you things that will not scare you,and only what you can handle,and pretty soon,you will see more pleasant things,and you will understand,how to use your gift,God Bless

  • I think this could be cool – but asking a dog’s name… can you do that or does it have to be personal – I guess not if you can watch murder shows and see things, wow! Something is happening to me on Friday, do you know what it is???
    I’m not giving you a hard time either, I’m serious.

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