I think my house is haunted and I'm worried about my brother?

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So 10 years ago an old nursery teacher abused her daughter and her husband found out and he killed her. The house was empty for years and it recently got refurbished. It has woods surrounding it. We moved to where I live 3 years ago. I only found this out since I kept getting told I lived in the haunted house. I didn’t believe any of it until my younger brother arrived.
I was hearing banging each night and had a dream about someone being stabbed and thought I was having a sleep paralysis. My little brother arrived and we started to hear singing in the monitor. Then someone started swearing at my mum telling her to get away from there baby. My dad thinks it is a coinsidence. I told my mum about the house the murder I was told. She brought the baby into her bedroom and my dad is saying we are over reacting.
My mum and dad went out for a night out. And my friend was sleeping over and we were taking care of the baby. There was a baby monitor from my room to my mums and dads. And someone was swearing at me and telling me to get out of the house. I turned the monitor off and brought my brother into my room. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and saw a woman in the mirror. I ran to go out and the door slammed shut. I turned round she was gone.
My friend looked white as a sheep and kept saying there was banging. His mum picked him up and I took my brother to a caffe nearby. I am freaked out. And I keep hearing baby music playing even when I turn it off it comes on. I’m not sure what to do now because my mum is saying it’s a bad atmosphere and my dad is saying I’m making it up. My aunty thinks there is something wrong and said she felt a hand on her shoulder as she left.

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well if i was in your position i would probably die of a heart attack. umm, try asking your parents to move out and that your serious. say that you are not lying and you are scared, especially for your brother. do whatever you can to prove it.


Assuming you’re not making all of this up I can say that your house probably is haunted. Occurrences just don’t add up like that when your mind plays tricks on you. I wouldn’t live in that house if I were you, and go live in a hotel for a few days until things settle down.


You have to remember that there are demonic spirits who’s sole purpose is to destroy mankind no matter how young that person is…………..

Tim M

Ghosts and spirits have a way of giving us the fright of our lives and your accounts sound no different but I would do all you can to see if you cannot resolve these occurrences in reasonable terms. By doing a little investigating on your own you may be able to resolve the occurrences individually . That others have had similar experiences does add to the possibility of there being a disembodied spirit in that particular house. Older buildings , estates and properties do have a high probability of being haunted but they are not the only ones. Newer homes can and do attract ghosts and spirits as well.
When older properties are reconditioned and construction is done this can stir up those beings that could be lurking within. Also when human energy is added on top of there being construction this adds to the escalation in possible activity. Many home owners and new home owners report this. Ghosts and spirits can remain dormant for years and not show themselves for quite some time but when changes are done to their environment they will let you know they are there and that they do not like what is being done and that they many not like you being there.
That you have a little back history on the property is good. This could prove to be helpful in trying to determine who the ghost is that may be haunting your home. It could also be of aid to an investigative team that could be called in to assist you. This is what I recommend. Seeking out a paranormal research team could help you verify your claims as well as put you in contact with someone who is skilled in ridding ghosts and can perform a cleansing. I would not worry , your activity does not seem to the point where you should feel at risk and much of the time most of the time their bark is worse than their bite ( and its quite rare for a ghost to bite you). Good luck and take care.


whats probably happening is that the ghost is reenacting what happens years ago well not exactly but she probably wants the baby or something and if your that worried about him you can buy these crosses (you might have to look it up) to keep her away from him but it wont get rid of her but you could try talking (im not saying you have to though at all) hope it helped


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