Home Discussion Forum I think my daughter is one of them pagans you here about?

I think my daughter is one of them pagans you here about?

Now I tried to raise my kids right. Ain’t no unchristian things allowed in my house. Well, as far as I knew. I found a pentagram necklace in my 16 year old daughter’s room last night and confronted her about it. She started yellin about goddesses and nature and all sorts of Satanistic shit like that. Now she’s grounded from going out but how do I know she ain’t gonna start meeting up with those devil-worshiping, black-wearing, tree-hugging friends of hers again if I unground her? What’s the best way to make sure she get’s the message that Our Lord Jesus is the only path?


  1. Take her out of school and stop her from interacting with anybody or anything other than your biased beliefs.
    I’m sure that will do wonders for her grammar as well.

  2. pagan doesn’t mean Satanic. If the point on the star faces downwards, there is a chance she could be a Satanist. And since when is nature satanistic? Try to be a little more open-minded. You can talk to her but don’t get angry. She does have a right to believe what she wants. Obviously you haven’t raised your children right with that grammar and the amount of hatred for anything unfamiliar displayed in your post. This sounds like Wicca, which is a very peaceful religion. The main principle is to not hurt others. You really don’t have a reason to be so against her beliefs and if you are concerned for her soul and well-being, try being an open accepting parent first.

  3. TROLL or FUDDIE either or same difference. It’s pathetic. Lets all just beat our kids into submittion, not free thinking allowed. Lets just trrow free will out the window as well cause that is what is going on in this household… if this is a true statement and situation…. which I think is not the case….
    Again I say TROLL/FUDDIE

  4. So spelling and improper grammar are Un-Christian? You profess to be a Christian, and you use profanity describing your daughter’s actions? Paganism signifies nature-worship, not Satan-worship, as there is no Devil in Paganism. You need to do a little research instead of blindly and arrogantly attacking anything different.
    The best way to make sure Your Lord Jesus is the only path?
    1. Stop using profanity.
    2. You might try talking with her instead of grounding her. You suffer from a massive case of misunderstanding and judgementalism.
    3. If the way you talk to your kids is the same way you’re writing here, it’s no wonder your daughter started yelling at you. Look in the mirror. Kids pick up behavior from their parents.
    4. You might try reading Freud. Try to dissuade her from this path, and likely she will resent you for it, and it will only end up driving you further apart.
    5. You’re the adult. ACT LIKE IT.

  5. Okay, that’s really not fair. We don’t all wear black (in fact it’s mostly the teen rebels), there’s nothing wrong with tree-hugging, and we don’t worship the devil. I’d say that your daughter is most definitely at least looking at Paganism, but that doesn’t mean that she really is one. I tend to mistrust Pagans that start as teens and sneak things past their parents because they’re usually only Pagan as a rebellion against parents. If she’s not serious, and I believe she isn’t, she’ll grow out of it. If she is serious, there’s nothing you can do, and I’m sure as a Christian parent, you don’t want to hear that. Talk to your daughter. Don’t confront her exactly, but sit down with her and have a serious discussion with her. At 16, she’s old enough to have her own beliefs and opinions. Talk to her as an adult, and not as much as your child. Ask her what she believes and what Paganism is about. A huge mistake would be for you to outright say that she can’t believe in it because then she’s going to do so anyway out of spite. I promise you that she isn’t getting into anything evil, she just has a different belief system than you. This isn’t because you didn’t raise her right. She’s exploring, and you should give her room to do so. However, ultimately, until she’s 18 and out of your house, it’s your house, your rules. You can’t tell her what to believe, but you can tell her what she is allowed to do in your house. Paganism is a very peaceful religion, it’s just a different one. Try to understand her new beliefs. religioustolerance.org/ is a really good site that isn’t biased and presents a lot of information to parents who are worried. Of course, she’s your daughter, and you are responsible for her for the next two years, so if you don’t want it in your house, you have to make that clear to her. I hope you two come to an understanding.
    Venus Bless

  6. You are a Christian? Does “thou shalt not judge” ring a bell? Have you ever read your bible? You should try again, and see what it is you are attempting to force your daughter to believe. Jesus was a man- a spiritual man, a great man perhaps but a man none the less. Pagans dont believe in the devil- the devil is a creation of men and the church. When the church came into power they demonized the Gods and Goddesses who were venerated long before Christianity, telling people that worshiping and working with those deities was evil,a sin punishable by hellfire.People were either forced to convert to the new religion or they were killed. Those deities they could not demonize or make disappear were synchronized to saints, the mother goddess was synchronized with mary. In the bible,your God requires blood sacrifice, unquestionable belief and devotion, that women be submissive,and childeren who dont listen be stoned,that women who are raped inside the city walls shall be stoned,the murder of his own son and yet if you confess your sins and repent you are saved?? Paganism has but one rule- “An it harm none,do what ye will”…..now that doesnt really sound all that evil to me:) I am sorry but In my opinion I would much rather my daughter be a peaceful, “tree hugging” goddess worshiping Pagan than an ignorant hypocrite,which is kind of what you are sounding like.If you actually do some research and read about your religion(and your daughter’s) and stop allowing yourself to be lead so blindly, you may actually see that beneath the many lies in the bible there are actually quite a few similarities between the two religions. Christianity has Pagan roots. Your daughter is not a satanist, and I would honestly like to know when nature and Goddesses became “satanic shit”…. Your issue shouldnt be your daughters belief system,it should be your relationship with your daughter, Maybe if she felt as though she were able to talk to you it wouldnt have been a secret and wouldnt have been as frightening for you. Keep in mind that in 2 years she will be an adult- choose your battles wisely because you may find that if you continue the way you are going with her she will want nothing to do with you, and as a mom I cant imagine the pain that will cause you.
    Blessed Be:)
    From a tree hugging Pagan)o(


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