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I think my daughter is clairvoyant?

She is claiming to be able to see and comunicate with spirits that noone eles can see or hear. She is also having dreams after she tells me them the do come true (some of them)
Any ideas on where I can take her to have her checked or tested to see if it is true?


  1. I don’t think you need to take her anywhere. Just encourage her to rely on her intuition. Also, encourage her to keep a dream journal and write down all of her dreams.

  2. Well, it isn’t true, as it isn’t possible. How old is your daughter? If she’s still a little kid, she just has a vivid imagination. If she’s older, the place you should take her is a medical professional, as communicating with people who aren’t there is a sign of a serious problem.

  3. She probably is. Just don’t discourage her and she’ll never quit doing it. As to having her tested, I wouldn’t bother with that. Let it be her choice when she grows up don’t make her into a “freak show”.

  4. it could well be pure coincidence or possibly she may just have just have strong intuition some people do.either way thouigh i wouldnt have tests done on her; dont turn her into a labrat . How old is she ? the whole spirit seeing thing could be her imagination perhaps?not denying that they exist but doesnt mean she really is seeing them

  5. Do you really want your daughter poked and prodded by people in lab coats. they’ll run all kinds of tests that they’ll claim will prove or disprove her abilities and ask her to perform on command, in places where spirits have trouble reaching this side. is this really what you want to put your daughter through?

  6. Hello
    Clairvoyant – seeing events, emotions, feeling.
    Medium – seeing spirit.
    I do not know how old your daughter is, young I suspect.
    The best thing to do is to ignor it. As a psychic myself, I often get asked this. A lot of children pass through a psychic phase which leaves them as they grow – if it is enhanced my mum etc it can confuse them as it leaves, & in most cases it is attention seeking.
    I would leave it be.


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