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I think I'm under psychic attack?

I get a very strange, unpleasant vibe from someone I know. It’s hard to explain, but it’s definitely unfriendly. There’s something very pompous about her and I can sense that she doesn’t mean me well. I feel trapped in this situation because what I can sense that she’s sending me isn’t physical, so it’s hard to speak out against but she has a definite presence that feels overbearing, and I’d like to be left alone now. I’m starting to feel drained and having to close myself off so much is making it harder for me to enjoy anything. What would you do in this situation?
Thanks for any advice.


  1. It might just be your instincts warning you against the other person’s body language, which has nothing to do with anything metaphysical.
    However, instincts are prone to error. The best suggestion I can give you is to approach the person and talk to them. You won’t resolve anything by being afraid of them; that would be the equivalent of judging a book by it’s cover, and in a way that would be prejudice.
    The other people answering with suggestions about ‘auras’ and supernatural phenomena are misinformed. It is all basic survival instinct. Please, do not fear people who are different from you. As long as you show the other person respect, they should not be a threat.
    You should not live your life in fear because you presume somebody is a bully. If the person seems rude or offensive when you speak to them, then just don’t hang around them.

  2. Meditate and clear your mind. Chose not to let her take your energy. If she is negative, you can overpower it. And avoid her.

  3. it all depends, if you believe in spirits, maybe she got an evil aura.. if you don’t its probably just your intuition… if it were me, id stay away from that chick for a while and see if anything lets up.
    hope i could help.

  4. What I normally do in these situations is build an auric mirror-shell around myself. This way, whatever intentions are directed toward you wil be reflected back to the intender. You can augment this shell & turn it into a filter, allowing only well-meaning intentions to influence you.This is really a simple exercise in visualization. For more on this, I recommend the book by Dion Fortune, “Psychic Self-Defence” [sic]. It’s an old book, but the woman was a well known spiritualist & ahead of her time. Good luck to you.

  5. what you are facing is ‘the devil created by yourself in mind’ and you can get rid of that by directly conversing with the person whom you depict as doing that all. you need a good friend who is mentally strong within. please be your own best friend.


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