Home Discussion Forum I think im phycic...how would i know for sure?

I think im phycic…how would i know for sure?

Like it would be Clairsentience
im pretty sure thats where you have stron insticts…. like from the get-go i can tell if im going to like a person
or if my friends start dating someone i just have a feeling the reason theyre gunna breakup and whose going to do the breakup…and im usually always right…like my best friend was dating this guy and i was like…hes going to cheat on you with some blonde whore and your gunna be heart broken…its not guinna last more then 2 1/2 months….a nd that was exactly how long it lasted and he had sex with some blonde whore….
other times ive met people and ive just had a feeling that theyre going to be bad.
one time i met this kid who was friends with all my friends and he moved in like 3 doors down he always asked me to hangout and i always said no because something about him made me scared…and it turns out he was like satanic and he was killing squirrels 🙁
so like what should i do with my possible abilities?
do you think ihave abilities?


  1. You have good intuition and instincts, you are not psychic. Most people can pick up vibes from new people and from relationships and think of possibilities of outcomes. You are no more special than anyone else who has an opinion. To be psychic (which isn’t a true thing) you would be able to read minds and accurately predict the future (you even said you’re usually right not always right). People who think they’re psychic are a little bit strange and avoided by mainstream society.

  2. Omg that’s weird. I’m not kidding im exactly the same. (: I also get this kinda weird, ”visions” you could Say. sometimes they make no sense (Like the other day there was this group of youngmen stood infront of a brickwall & the middle one did a funny smile & waved at me) But one times the word fire alarm kind of just appered in my head, i can’t explain it. But a few minuets later, the fire alarm went off. i was like. HOLY CRAAAP. My mum always said she gets the feelings too. I can also tell peoples moods & wether they like me or not & how they feel about me.
    But one thing we’ve both got to consider is, are we both justsubconsciouslyy really good atreadingg body language? But either way i think you should do what im dong & try & study your own powers & see if you can use thme to your advantage (:

  3. I would say your more mature than your friends, but you are on the internet asking if your psychic. Sounds like everything you just said was based off of common sense. Predicting that a relationship is gonna fail is easy, because ALMOST ALL of them fail! Predicting little details is easy if you have an impression of both person’s personalities.
    And I’m sure anyone would get bad vibes from the neighborhood satanic squirrel murderer! You don’t have strong instincts, you have common sense, and I’d be careful how much trust you put in your common sense because some of the stupidest and most ignorant people I’ve ever known trust their common sense just a little too much. They tend to be the people that always say “well I just know” or “you can just tell”.

  4. EVERYONE HAS PHYSIC POWERS OK.. and U . U just starting to recognize a little bit of ur powers.. go on.. experience.. and then ONLY BY URSELF U CAN find out what u are.. DO not ASK. just feel and believe in urself. this question can only be answered by you and you know the answer..


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