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I think I'm communicating with a ghost?

I don’t know if I’m going crazy or paranoid but since i was a kid I’ve been seeing and hearing things that others didn’t i would turn my head back every 2 minutes to look if someone is following me,i feel like I’m being watched,i got over that. the real issue started when i dared to ask questions.
I looked in the Internet and studied about paranormal,i don’t believe in anything I’m an atheist but i keep my mind open,today i tried to see if i was right about not being alone,so i meditated and opened myself fully and asked if there is anyone in the room,right away i felt pressure on the top of my head i think its called crown chakra, and i started asking yes or no questions,if it was a no i would feel like someone touched my left shoulder and if a yes than its my head again and when i asked a name the first one I’ve got was Mathew. firstly i thought he was a spirit guide but after i thought that i got a poke on my shoulder than i thought it was a ghost,and it hit the spot on my head. all i gathered now is that Mathew died being 30~35 he is rather short (my height) and got brown hair and brown eyes.

My question is AM I GOING CRAZY?! (btw when i typed the question i got pressure on my head and i said right away “i know i should believe you but I’m just making sure”)


  1. It’s actually your conscience. Yeah, I realize you don’t have one of those. So it’s probably your wife.

  2. I would make an appointment with your family doctor to get a referral to a mental health professional, personally.

  3. “i don’t believe in anything I’m an atheist”
    That is not what atheist means.
    “asked if there is anyone in the room,right away i felt pressure on the top of my head”
    Yes, that’s obviously an answer and not you either making stuff up, seeing significance in random inputs, or anything like that.
    “My question is AM I GOING CRAZY?! (btw when i typed the question i got pressure on my head and i said right away “i know i should believe you but I’m just making sure””
    Yes. And the sad thing is you are doing it to yourself.

  4. Stop communicating with spirits, first off. Second if you are an atheist then why would you believe in the spiritual realm?
    You are charting dangerous territory, the only type of spirit it could be in my belief is an evil one, so you should stop right away. If you want to communicate with anyone it should be God, he might not tap you on the shoulder, or he might… but He WILL answer your prayers, maybe not in a way you expect, but you will know it is him.

  5. No, you’re not crazy. You could be a median and maybe this spirit wants help from you. Ignore what other people on Y/A say, they’re crazy for worshiping a 2000 year old cannibal Jew-zombie so don’t feel bad,

  6. i am a christian.
    you call it ghost, actually it is a demon you’re communicating with.
    you carry on this way … they will make you mad and eventually suicide.

  7. If spirits or ghosts were real they would have been studied and identified by science by now.
    If you are literally feeling, hearing, seeing or smelling things that noone else says they can sense then you are probably hallucinating. And because you’ve had it since you were a kid it seems like you might have a serious condition. I would highly recommend you go see a doctor and tell him what has been happening.
    I know someone with paranoid schizophrenia and she tells me how real her hallucinations are. That voices, for example, don’t sound like ‘voices in your head’ but like actual people talking as real as anyone else. And the feeling of being touched is as real as someone actually touching you.
    Beware of people giving advice saying these really are ghosts or spirits and telling you things to do. They are most likely just giving you the ideas they like the most, not what has been proven.

  8. Go to you doctor and tell him what is going on. You may be having a drug or food reaction or you may be developing a mental disorder.
    If your are having a supernatural encounter, it cannot be a ghost because they do not exist. It could be a demon.

  9. Youre indigo child just like me, my advice is pretending you didn’t feel anything!. You just put your self in the biggest mistake of your life, communicating with that spirit or whatever that thing is. Believe me girl once they had speak to you, they wouldnt let you go!!! STOP TRYING COMMUNICATE WITH THEM!!!…just leave it have a lot party.

  10. Just go with it. Get as much information as you can, and try different experiments. You get more information about what’s going on by trying different things such as help for lost items, answers to certain questions. It could be your higher consciousness, spirit/astral being, whatever.


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