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I think I need help finding balance?

Ok, since beginning my spiritual journey, I have a hard time focusing on superficial things like money, clothes etc., things that can only satisfy my ego, not me. My partner is very stable financially and for some reason feels that my carefree attitude towards money may become a problem. I dont worry about money because I feel that all my needs will be provided, its not that I dont care about my financial stability. But my partner and my sis seem to think that because I dont have a hunger for money or because I dont chase it, that I somehow will neglect my personal responsibilities.
I think that I’m having a problem meeting my worldy needs without somehow feeling guilty about it. For some reason I feel to make money a focus is knocking me off of my spiritual path. I think I dont know how to serve other ppl without disregarding myself and my needs. And as of late I’ve been really worried about what others think of me…and I find that I was much better off when I didnt care what other ppl thought…but again, I dont thnk I’ve found that balance.
Any help??


  1. “Within”. Don’t give up and you will succeed. Balance is an inner condition. The outer reflects the inner…..

  2. The only answers you can get concerning ‘right and wrong’ is by being the judge yourself. The key is to find a balance. If making money or pursing such a goal makes you feel good and accomplished, then it can only be attributed to the right path. If all your needs are met, then you should just simply relax, and “know” that if you have a need, your cash flow will ‘rise the occasion”. This practice of “letting go” has helped me alot throughout the years, especiialy during hard times. If others see that as financial irresponsibility, tell them that they need to let go too.

  3. Jewel, the current *shift in consciousness*, which is happening to our planet and us, is bringing up to the surface of our awareness anything which still needs to be looked at and changed within us..What little that was left still to do is being magnified in our mind now in order for us to see it more clearly, notice it as you are doing, ask for assistance in understanding it, which again you are doing, and then perhaps going within to where your own *knowingness* resides, for that is where God is also, and you are His/Her Daughter, for we are all Hir Children..
    One obvious *test* in this situation is that your own awareness that, when you trust, your needs, financial and otherwise WILL always be met is the absolute truth, and results from your *coming from your heart/Soul* rather than just your head, as those around you are appearing to do, which is not surprising, given the apparent chaos growing in the world around us…In that sense we need to detach from the purposely created fearful circumstances that are now occurring in the world around us, for out of this growing chaos will come a completely new positive way of living, and not THAT long into the future!…..
    So what is being brought to your attention is the fact that you still have some *work* to do to arrive at a place in which you are totally comfortable with who you are, and that the views of others simply reflect the *work* that THEY still need to do, in other words, there is an opportunity now for you to *teach* them without words simply by being comfortable in your own inner trust and judgement and following your own heart, while gently understanding their fears..Time will prove you correct!
    Every person is different and therefore every pathway is different..You are who you are, and although you still need to step back, go within and find the Love and acceptance which is your *gift* to your Self, you can help those around you most by simply BEING who you are!..When we are calm and trusting within, we gently emanate that healing energy and it affects all those around us..If we allow ourselves to become fearful and tense, then THAT is the energy we send out, and that simply makes the situation worse..
    We are now seeing the beginning of MEGA change in the very way that life works on Earth, changing from the fearful and threatening to the very opposite, for the energies being beamed to us via our Sun from Heaven are increasing the Light/Love energy here and melting away the old dark and fearful energies which have held sway for many thousands of years and thus supported the dark, but NOT for much longer!!..
    Therefore, those who cling to the *old ways*, financially are now going to increasingly see that old negative and fearful pattern which was purposely created when our societal pattern was originally set up, literally breaking down before their eyes, as it is MEANT to..
    Consequently, many will be experiencing growing fear as their mental understanding of how our world has worked up to now is increasingly revealed as faulty, in order to both make clear what and who is REALLY behind what goes on in government, banking and the like, as well as making way for a totally new and positive way of living on Earth, long promised as the Golden Age..
    But first that old, corrupt system, set up solely to benefit the few at the top, the elite, the Illuminati HAS to break down and be removed, and we have just begun to see that happen, for no amount of *bailouts* WILL succeed, nor are they meant to in the bigger picture..
    Watching that happen will be uncomfortable for many people, especially those who lose their jobs, but it will encourage local communities to begin to function more than hitherto with people helping each other more locally, bringing in bartering and the like, so there will be a deeper purpose than JUST the removal of the old self centred system..
    But, as Ive said above, when you KNOW that you will be cared for and looked after, you WILL be, whatever your needs..That trust enables synchronicity to begin to occur in our lives, which can seem magical, but is one of the ways that God helps His/Her Children WHEN THEY ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN….
    Your spiritual path is your life and circumstances that you, your Soul has chosen for you..When we have partners and families, we all act as mirrors for the others involved, especially when we react to opinions or beliefs that maybe we ourselves have not yet fully let go deep within us..
    So, to conclude, I feel you are right in the middle of the road you are supposed to be on!..If you change from coming from your heart and inner trust and, instead, begin to come from your head as those around you are pressuring you to do, then growing discomfort and fear will result which will BLOCK that flow of abundance you KNOW comes when you trust in God and ALLOW it to, rather than trying to force something to happen as our head*s *limited logic* would have us do.!
    It*s a bit deep but I ho


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