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I think I have telepathy, how can i control it?

Rescently I have been able to sense when an incoming telephone call is coming, who it is and what they want. Also i have been able to feel what someone in proximity to me feels. I am 14 and about a week ago, I tried to take advantage of this alledged “telepathy” i’ve gotten. I meditated for about 2 hours in a state of total zenity and serenity. In that state I tried to control my family member’s actions. What i mean by that is that i made them walk to a certain room or turn on a light or pick something up. The morning after i had an excruciating headache. And i felt that i was the archetype for my family. All my depression was gone. Worries, school, social life all seemed to fade in relevance to me. But the thing that bothers me is that how can i control it. I have not been one with outstanding moral fiber, but i actually feel that i shouldnt use people as tools. What should i do with this gift? This curse? what ever it may be. Please help me and tell me what i should do.


  1. wow. that’s something i’ve always wanted, and i can predict when some things will happen, but i cant control it.
    try not to meditate to control your alleged “powers.” this is a gift, whatever it is, from god (sorry if you don’t believe in god , but this is my interpretation of it)
    i think you should try to control something besides a human, like a pet or something. if it works, you know you’ve got some kind of godly force with you.
    if you do have these “powers”, than whatever higher force you beleive in (for me it happens to be God), will make something happen through you, or tell you to make something happen. you dont need to do anything.
    don’t worry about it.

  2. i think you need a doctor or a psychiatrist. not to be mean or anything, but it sounds like you got it out of a fairy tale.

  3. first you want to get out of the mafia and now this i think you need to use your powers to control your boss and make him approve that it is OK for you to go , then use your million dollars to pay for a psychiatrist’s.
    I think u need help. it sounds kind o weird but u definitely need to go to a psychiatrist or a counselor.


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