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I think I have claircognizance. Any help???

I have always been a little sensitive. Seeing the occasional ghost, sharing the occasional thought. Never on purpose and always at random. Now the random is happening more often. Lately it has manifested in “reading people”. I often will be walking past someone and get a “news flash”. Some piece of information or feeling from someone. The newest occurance was on Sat. I live in the area of the recent Layne Bryant slayings. Sat nite was a normal night. I watched The Bourne Ultimadium and went to bed. Once in bed I started getting very afraid, thinking about the killings. To the point that I was getting up to make sure doors were locked ect. I continued to be very nervous/paranoid with “ants in my pants” almost to the point of pacing. I wrote off my parinoia as a movie side effect. The feeling subsided within an hour. I am NOT a person to overreact. I found out that on Sat nite, a couple blocks away, a woman was tied up while her home was robbed. Was I reading her? Help!


  1. Well, I don’t believe in this sort of thing… BUT I did read X-Men as a kid. Professor X would tell you to focus on controlling your powers, before they control you.

  2. You were probably just nervous as a side effect of the movie. If you recieved feeling from everyone within a couple of blocks in a city, you would be completely overwhelmed and probably vegetative.

  3. YQA probably isn’t the best place to find the answer to your question on the matter. Surprisingly, there’s no consensus here as to whether the paranormal even exists.
    We’re all strangers here, each carrying around a lot of baggage of insupportable opinion based on our experiences, biases, preconcieved notions, gut feels, and what we prefer to think of as ‘our educations’.
    What you are experiencing and have experienced in the past is your own. You’ll have to draw your own conclusions concerning the validity of it.
    You might, however, want to examine the ‘fear’ facet of your issues and come to a personal resolution about it. Since you evidently have no control over the experiences the only way you’ll be able to live with it in peace is in the recognition that it’s possibly someone else these things involve. You have no means of controlling those events, and you have no responsibility for them.
    Your experiences represent no threat to you.
    I’m providing a link to some articles that might help.

  4. Sounds as if you are psychic. There are people to help you develop your abilities but I’m sorry I don’t know any. If there are Psychic Fairs in your city try to go to one and they will give you some ideas to help develop your energy. Keep trying to read people to practice, practice, practice. This should be a life long business for you and a good way to have your own business at home if you want to. Also you can help out the police department if you are really good. Good Luck!!!!!!!!

  5. Your best bet is to gain knowledge on the subject. That means buy books and read everything that you can get your hands on, then you can understand it better.

  6. I think Jack P has got it covered. Some people are just more sensitive. It would be a lot easier to deal with if people didn’t think of it as being supernatural or weird or as a mental illness. I’ve had quite a few of those kinds of things happen. I often pick up other peoples’ emotions and experience them as my own. It’s hard to find help for this sort of thing because people either don’t believe it exists or they want to make some sort of big deal out of it. What I have been doing is working at sorting out what is mine and what might possibly belong to someone else. I had a break throgh once after I had been around a friend who was upset and when I got home I started freaking out about having too much to do and no one to help and being alone. I finally called my friend and told her what I was feeling. she said”Hey, that’s mine.” She was freaked out because her husband had moved to the new job and left her to deal with the house and finishing school and a lot of stuff before she could join him. I knew my situation didn’t fit those feelings.
    Jack P is correct that you are not responsible for other peoples’ experiences just because you happen to be aware of them. Just try to sort out what is yours and turn off what is left. I would also avoid TV or radio programs that stimulate those intense negative feelings. I think they somehow tune you in to those feelings in people around you.

  7. Jack P has given you some very good advice. No-one here can tell you what you were thinking/feeling and what it means as we were not there or in your head at the time.
    There are several different forms of “clair” abilities…
    From the French clair (clear) and cognizance (knowing), Claircognizance refers to the ability to gain knowledge without knowing how or why you gained it.Finding out that you know how to operate scuba gear in an emergency despite never having learned before is an example of it.
    The word Clairvoyance comes from the 17th century French words “Clair” (clear) and “voyant” (seeing), and is often used interchangeably with ESP, or Extra Sensory Perception. In essence if a clairvoyant gets information of any kind in a manner without using the Five Senses (sight, hearing, smelling, taste and touch) then he or she is using clairvoyance to do so. If the clairvoyant gets a mental picture of an airplane crash that happened in another country, they are using clairvoyance.
    From the French clair (clear) and sentience (feeling), Clairsentience refers to the ability to gain knowledge through an extra-sensory form of feeling. The ability to sense other people by their “personal vibrations” is one example of Clairsentience. This ability is often confused with Psychometry, which is the ability to read the history of an object through touch- nearly the opposite effect.
    From the French clair (clear) and audience (hearing), Clairaudience refers to the ability to gain knowledge through an extra-sensory form of hearing. Voices, tones, music and other sounds are sensed, although not necessarily “heard” in the traditional sense, under circumstances that would normally prevent them from being heard. Hearing a snatch of a melody later discovered to be playing when a loved one died is an example of Clairaudience.
    From the French clair (clear) and alience (smelling), Clairalience refers to the ability to gain knowledge through an extra-sensory form of smelling. Like Clairaudience this could be an actual smell or the impression of a smell. Smelling a new perfume upon waking and then smelling it later upon meeting someone important is an example of Clairalience.
    From the French clair (clear) and gustance (taste), Clairgustance refers to the ability to gain knowledge from taste without actually tasting. Suddenly experiencing the taste of cake and ice cream and then discovering it is your bosses birthday is an example of Clairgustance.
    My gut feeling is that as you were thinking about murders, and had just watched the film, that your psyche was messing with you.
    However, keep us updated if you get similar thoughts/feelings. It will help you to keep track of them and interpret them if you write them all down in a journal.
    Hope this helps.

  8. http://wwwintuitionandpsychicability.blogspot.com/2007/03/claircognizance.html
    Thanks you very much !!! lol This is what happened to me when I drew a lot of pictures and wrote messages in rhyme.!! I felt compelled to do it. I just recently told about this on here.Never knew it was called this. I was going to “correct” you and say you must mean “clairaudient” or “clairvoyant” .lol Thanks for letting me know this new term . I’ve probably heard it before..but didn’t connect it to what happened to me. But, I don’t think that’s what your ability is called. I’ll have to read the other answers.I’m sure somebody else knows what it is. (Guess your “door” has “opened” !) lol_( or at least a “window”)!

  9. Perhaps the Lane Bryant killings made you nervous. (This would be understandable.) Perhaps you were jumpy from the movie.
    I have double-checked my locks on a number of occasions. People have been harmed at night on many occasions as well. I have never checked my locks on a night someone was harmed nearby, but if I had then I might think they were related. However, in order for the two events to be related I would have to disregard all of the times I checked the lock when no one was injured as well as all the times someone was injured when I didn’t check the locks.
    This is called confirmation bias.

  10. I believe that you should do nothing about it . It may be or may not be for real . Even if it is for real ,studying it or developing it is of no great consequence .I doubt if it will be anything more than a party trick or at most a small career option.


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