Home Discussion Forum i think i have badd karma....what the best way to clear it?

i think i have badd karma….what the best way to clear it?


  1. If you cared about that you wouldn’t have bad Karma in the first place. First do no harm. Second help whenever possible and most importantly act like everyone can hear your thoughts.

  2. ^ I don’t know why you feel you have bad karma, but here are a few suggestions that might help. Whether you do good or evil it comes back to you three fold, so do nice things for people a little good goes a long way, be a kinder, gentler soul. I’m not saying your a bad person, obviously I don’t know you, I’m just saying look into your heart and soul and see what you can change. If you feel someone is doing this to you, I know a lot of people who believe in the evil eye, say a prayer for that person’s soul, whatever you do, don’t curse them. Good luck. I hope this helped. Blessed be.


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