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i think i can see ghosts?

when i look this up on the internet i learned that it’s a sleep disorder, but there are things that are really strange. k first of all my mom said that my grandma had them first, then she had them, she said that after my grandma had it, she stopped having these disorders and when she had me, she stopped having them. k this disorder was called sleep paralysis, or somthing like that. it’s basically becoming paralysed when sleeping, u r awake but u can’t move your body, u feel a overwhelming sense of helplessness and sometime fear. and at some places, u see really scary things. like the objecs in ur room turns in to something else and you see and hear people in ur room or just hear them outside of your room. now this is still within the symtoms of the disorder.
however. my mom told me she once had one of these sickness in her office and she saw a bunch of little kids hands in hands, singing around her. she LATER learned that it used to be a children hospital. that kinda scared me. another strange thing is. i only hear ppl talking in some places. like back in on of the apartments. i always get the sickness and get scared shitless at night. but when i moved i stopped having them, that apartment was a new development but it was built over some old ritual place or something.


  1. Well i cant tell you much abt ghost but i can assure you that praying to the divine one will help.You need to consult a doctor

  2. I’ve seen scary things during sleep paralysis too, it’s kind of like dreaming while you think you’re awake and it feels like you can’t move your body. This has been happening to people forever: they used to see “demons” and then when aliens became part of the culture they started seeing aliens instead and that’s where all those alien abduction stories come from. You’re mom’s story is kind of creepy…

  3. I had a family member pray over me and that was the last time I had that happen to me. I don’t know if it was just a phase and I had come to an end with or if her prayer really touched me but I think it did. I would have people pray over you to make sure you don’t have it again. But I was reading a book on day on it and the author said that sleep paralysis is the first stage to astral project. I have never tried and I ask you not to unless you know what you are doing, but what ever floats your boat. Anyhow I use to get sleep paralysis soooo bad that I would wake up at night and I just couldn’t stand sleeping again, I could almost always tell when it was about to happen… for me it had come really predictable.

  4. ok sweetie.are u only having these experiances when ur sleeping?and just sumthing to think about.im a nurse and i also have supernatural “gift” ill tell you rite now if its outa the ordinary then ofcourse doctors are going to think u have sumthing wrong with you.and in most cases there rite.although in mine theres nothing wrong.its been pastd from generation to generation.and i go throu this day and nite.i think its a posibily that u mite have the same thing as me where its passed throu generataion.but if it onlly acures at nite and when ur sleepin it mite be a sickness.u no wat u feel see and hear.no one can tell you that u didnt.u have to make up ur mind and research ur past


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