Home Discussion Forum i think i am a nymphomaniac?

i think i am a nymphomaniac?

hi i’m in a committed relationship with my partner for about 3 months. I have no issues with being true to him at all. I am asking this because I ran into an ex the other day and he was adamant that I had a problem and needed help. even with past relationships and this one I find that I am trying to divulge myself with every possible sexual experience, fetishes, Kama sutra, and tantra the whole nine yards. does this make me a nympho? I only seek to enlighten myself to become a better lover for my partner.


  1. Not a nymphomaniac, but to be that deeply into a 3 month relationship doesn’t make sense. You barely know the guy. And did you divulge the details to your ex, if so why would you do that? Sometimes you can go overboard and give too much information especially about the sexual part of your life.

  2. If you have no difficulty staying faithful to your partner, then does it really matter if you are? I mean, if no one is getting hurt and you’re staying faithful, I don’t see the problem here. I’m betting your ex just said that because of jealousy and animosity. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy sexual appetite.

  3. No, it just means that you’re kinky and like to experiment. True nymphos cannot help themselves, they uncontrollably masterbate at inappropriate times. For example, at their desk at work or at church. It’s s true problem that disrupts their lives and they must seek help for. It’s not a funny thing, it’s totally true.

  4. You don’t sound like a nympho to me!
    It sounds pretty health to want to have new and enlightened sexual experiences.
    However, if you really can’t help yourself, and you take risks because of it, and are using this explanation as an excuse, that’s another matter.
    I think the whole gauge of if you’re a nympho or not, depends on whether or not you are in control of it.
    Just wanting lots of sex, or even lots of wild, interesting sex, does not make you a nymphomaniac!

  5. NO ! A Nymphomaniac is never satisfied with the ample sex she is having , having c u m again and again she still wants more . It is not related to experimenting to experience all kinds of sexual activity .

  6. No , you probably just have a high sex drive , I used to have a VERY high sex drive when I was younger, but fortunately I met a very understanding group of girls who were most accommodating .
    Don’t worry about it , just keep seeing your boyfriend

  7. It sounds like your are very open-minded, there’s nothing wrong with that. If there were more people like us the world would be a much better place.


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