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I taught my daughter to see auras yesterday and she looked at them today. Now she is seeing a yellow spot…?

She spent the whole day looking at auras. The spot was seen with both eyes. It is always where she looks. I asked her to rest her eyes for a few minutes and the spot got smaller. Now it is gone. Could this be eye strain?
I am only asking this question to people who understand auras.
By the way, I will report any answers that are not serious.


  1. Yes, it could be eye strain, but if it happens again please have her get a check up with an optometrist or at least your family doctor.

  2. By the by, you are defeating the purpose of an open forum by filtering your reponses to a certain kind of people.
    What are you afraid of? If you post about something controversial then you will get controversial answers. Be willing to take a little if you’re dishing it out. Lower your guard–it isn’t necessary to be so exclusive here.
    Take the kid to an eye doctor. I’m serious. And I’ll also agree that either you see them or you don’t, but being reported for having an opinion is all kinds of ridiculous.

  3. Hello
    The only true answer to the yellow spot lies within your daughter as she was the one to see it. She will have to learn her own language before you can grasp the true meaning of what she see’s verses what it means.
    Where is was will also be a consideration.


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