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I take it my actions are justified?

This afternoon, my Bentley was involved in a collision with a wretched little Korean car.
The aforementioned accident, was clearly the result of drunk driving on the part of the other motorist, even though this was something she stubbornly refused to admit.
She told me she had neither money nor insurance with which to pay for the damage done to my car, were this not enough, she tried to run away! Her escape would have been successful had not my trusty chauffeur, Wilfrid, pinned her to the ground.
Now she threatens to press charges for assault or something of the sort. Can’t be that bad really. Judging from the car she was driving, she probably won’t be able to afford a very good lawyer.
She claims that Wilfrid broke her arm, quite outrageous I say!
And quite frankly, should seventy year old women be permitted to drive around inebriated? I think not!
I have enough money to buy a new car, but this is a question of principles. I will make this hag pay for the damage she has inflicted upon my car.
I take it my actions are justified?
She’ll have a hard time proving it was Wilfrid, I’ll have all my servants testify against her.


  1. Drat the luck, my dear fellow, but Debtor’s Prison has been abolished, but there’s nothing to stop Wilfrid from abducting the old shrew and giving her a taste of ye olde dungeon at your estate until some misguided relative pays her ransom. Cherrio, now sit and have a nice cup of tea and let loyal Wilfrid do the dirty work.

  2. I do hope she sues you and Wilfrid for her broken arm and whatever other she has from the assault that you ordered. If she’s smart, she’ll get enough to pay you for the damages to your car. You are a small, nasty, uncouth man to call her a hag.

  3. Why is your “trusty chauffer” pinning a 70-year-old person to the ground?
    You said she “tried to run away” but really, how fast can a 70-year-old run?
    And if your trusty goon (sorry, I mean chauffer) pinned her to the ground and injured her, she won’t need a good lawyer to sue him or you. She may not even need a lawyer at all. If a doctor can verify the injury, the doctor calls the police and … well, that’s that.

  4. Have the old bag chained to the kitchen sink and have her work off the debt. You do, I assume have a sink? my man Cuthbertson assures me that most houses have one, I am not quite sure what it is, but I am told they are quite sturdy.


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