1. You can only proof it, only you have the proofer. This is the code – don’t share it:
    (d ee_ 33ej0 p )
    Read it, remember it and dispose of any evidence of this code.
    Then your online friend will contact you before the 2012 events.
    Good luck and Goodbye.

  2. You may be linked. It is not astrally, but psychically. To prove it, do a test with witnesses present. Tell your friend to give the witnesses specific times when he/she will log on, and then you will have to say when you feel him/her logged on during the testing period. It will confirm/deny your claims and there will be physical witnesses to support that data.

  3. Seriously – you are almost certainly wrong. People selectively remember times that they think of someone and then phone rings and its them, forgetting all the times they thought about the person and it didn’t happen.
    If you want to test it do some experiment like one of you picking cards from a shuffled deck and the other emailing back what they think you see. You will need a trusted person to observer the one of you who picks the card and checks the email.
    If by any chance it does work, then contact the James Randi Educational Foundation and collect a $1,000,000 prize.


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