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I Summoned A Succubus?

I heard a few questions here on yahoo crazy ppl asking how you summon a succubus and ppl giving them instructions on how to do it just so they could bang a sexy demon goddess. Who here was crazy enough to try this and were you successful in summoning and banging the succubus I personally think this bull but you tell me


  1. Those demons are not supposed to be pleasent experiences, they supposedly have sex with you while you sleep sure, but it is so they can steal your life force. They arn’t a good time.

  2. Ummm…what? A Succubus is a nasty hag from hell and If some frat boy amateur magicians actually summoned one, all the roofies on earth couldn’t save them from the painful realization that whatever banging goes on post summon is kinda done by her. haha! nonono. that is nothing to brag about. I’m not into that but I would love to see those instructions

  3. Oh no, seriously, I just did it like five minutes ago and she was totally hot! It was the best supernatural sex I’ve ever had! We gave each other h*nd jobs and it was totally explosive. I mean just everywhere! Who knew Succubus’s were lezzies?

  4. you dont want to mess with a succubus. the more they have sex with you the more they drain your life force. it can kill you. and its not a pleasant experience for you. them,yes.


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