HomeDiscussion ForumI suffer from HSA (Holiday Spiritual Agony). Spiritually, can you relate?

I suffer from HSA (Holiday Spiritual Agony). Spiritually, can you relate?

The noise, crowds, traffic, blaring christmas music at the start of August, poor trees being cut down, only to be taken to nature’s graveyard, families getting together once a year to be on their best behavior and so on and so forth.
Why celebrate this once a year? Shouldn’t we be a family to one another everyday of the year?
No, I am not scrooge.
After I awakened from my “nightmare” of a former life, Christmas had no meaning to me anymore.
I don’t cut down trees.


  1. Not a chance.
    My family begins with decorations and Christmas music the day after Halloween. We enjoy every minute of it all the way to New Year’s day.

  2. Of course we should be a family everyday of the year, but people have to remember the real reason for the season: Jesus. Its sad how commercialized its all become.

  3. Christmas is the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth. He is the reason for the season.
    God came to this world in human form as Jesus to die as an ultimate sacrifice for our wrong doings to save you and I from going to Hell. Yes, God came as Jesus into the world to save you and I. He allows this salvation to all who believe and obey Him.
    So, you should have joy especially around Christmas because you now know the gift of salvation God has given to you if you chose to become saved.
    (To be saved speak in your head, or out loud where you are):
    Admit to Jesus that you have done wrong and that you want to change and do right.
    Believe Jesus is God and receive Jesus as your savior.
    Commit to and follow Jesus.
    If you do not believe me, ask God to reveal Himself to you tonight in your dream and ask Him if He is Jesus; or ask God to speak to you and ask Him if He is Jesus. Wait and see or hear what He reveals to you.

  4. There is no justification for celebrating christmas..Only two birthdays were celebrated in the bible and on each occasion people were put to death as part of the celebration..Jesus was one of many great messengers of God but no more Deity than the others..I would like to think more good than harm occurs at christmas time, but I really don’t know..God bless.

  5. As far as the trees are concerned. You should take them to your local zoo (should you have one – tree or zoo). Elephants eat them I heard.

  6. Though I resent the holidays for becoming commercial and pressuring us to spend money on crap we don’t need and expecting us to all be christian, I found that the holidays were all that kept me going for the last four months. If not for that “good will” imperative that the holidays inflict upon us I may not have had the level of comrodary (how do you spell that word?) that I otherwise would not have had during this really hard time.
    I always thought I hated the holiday season too, and at heart I am probably not a real fanatic, but I’ve discovered that what really gets to me this time of year is not the pumpkins, or the turkeys, or the fat men in red suits, its the DARKNESS. I do not believe in “seasonal defective disorder” but I do believe that this dark time of year has a depressive affect on me. I wrote a little screed on it today, as a matter of fact, but what it comes down to in a nutshell is that as on the outside the darkness leads to a general “going in”, so it is on the inside with introspection and sometimes we’re not ready for what is found there..I was not.
    I think that as for myself and for all of us who resent the holidays, this is the perfect time to look for the similarities we all share, be us christian, pagan, jew, buddhist, or something else.
    Yes, we should be a family all year ’round, but the people out there who forget this during the warm months are the grasshoppers- we are the ants (to be simplistic). I think of these people and I mourn for their ignorance. Then I feel responsible, for isn’t it the purview of the enlightened to shine the way for the ignorant?

  7. It’s true Christmas time is hard for fragmented families and I agree with the sentiment- families should treat each other well all year round. But we can’t make people DO anything. I worked so I wouldn’t be around the negative in my house as I am the only one who likes this time of year. Sad really – the spirit of things seems dark and a bit sad these days – gloomy is the word.


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